Posted by: emmaharger | June 11, 2011

Atlanta Thrashers Fan Draft 2011

It’s been a strange time of it for me since the middle of May, when it was really officially announced that the Thrashers’ piss-poor ownership (Atlanta Spirit and its “we’ll flip the team for profit” philosophy will someday be taught in sports management classes as a what not to do scenario) was talking it out with True North to move my beloved team to Canada. May 31, 2011, when the deal became official, will always be a pretty dark day for me. I went through basically all the stages of grieving on that very day. I still get a little sad sometimes.

Of course, the Board of Governors has yet to take its vote on the sale and relocation, and something could happen, but it’s looking like Atlanta’s gonna lose an NHL team for the second time in history. (Flames, y’all.) That’s not the fault of fans. Not at all. Don’t give me that nonsense “it’s hot there how can there be hockey” argument, either, because by that flawless logic, I’m gonna ask how your refrigerator and freezer can exist in your house. Hockey can be played anywhere as long as the climate can be controlled. Duh.

Anyway, I digress. We’re gathered here today for the–cue music–Atlanta Thrashers Fan Draft 2011!!

I mean, what team WOULDN’T want a fan like me? I’m intensely faithful and dedicated. I’ll keep supporting the team, even if it’s going through a losing streak or having a bad time of it and enduring a lot of flack from naysayers. I also tend to identify and fixate on a few standout players for their looks in addition to their talent. I like to learn fun facts, history, trivia, et cetera about the team. I’m the Patrick Kane of fan draftees, son. Pick me first.

But before we begin, I need to discuss the elephant in the room. I truly love my team. I am going to support my favorite Thrashers no matter where they may go–although if they do end up on a Winnipeg team, I am not going to be able to carry on too well with Winnipeg fans. It’s just like oil and water: we can’t mix.

So, that being said, I started asking my friends to lobby me and sway me to liking their team. (I plan to order the NHL Center Ice package for DirecTV next season, so I can potentially watch many more games.) I received pretty good bids from fans of:

  • The Islanders (I love an underdog. Plus, Michael Grabner is so sweet.)
  • The Ducks (I may want a Western Conference team or two. Plus, Bobby Ryan. Need I say more?)
  • The Sharks (I liked what I saw in their playoffs run.)
  • The Blackhawks (Yeah, okay, everyone likes them, but hey, I love Chicago.)
  • The Capitals (I’ve liked what I’ve seen. Plus, they have the bargaining chip of a young Czech goaltender.)
  • The Bruins (Again with liking what I’ve seen in the playoffs so far. Also, many of their players are nice-looking gentlemen.)

In all likelihood, because I’ve got my life to live and I’ve got all my love to give, I’m going to end up kind of liking all of them. However, I believe I may have picked a kind of primary. (Again, this is contingent on where my favorite Thrashers go in the fall. More teams may be added as needed.)

I think I’m becoming a Bruins fan. I’m excited to learn more about this team–such history!–and see them more in the future.

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