Posted by: emmaharger | June 11, 2011

Video Fun

Because it’s Saturday, there are two days until Game 6 and I’ve been told by people familiar with the Boston area that this is a pretty rowdy post-game experience on the T.

NSFW language.

Richie makes some pretty salient points, although he did seem to forget the four goals in Game 4 that have led to the joke “What time is it? 12 past Luongo.” (We’ll chalk that up to him being less than sober.) Of course, his friends are quick to point out that “there are no Vancouver fans on this train” and that “everybody knows to f*@# Vancouver.” I love how a man with a balloon hat is one of the ones attempting to keep the peace with Richie. Scientific fact: no one can be taken seriously if they’re wearing a balloon hat.

(Richie also appears to be wearing a Milan Lucic shersey. I would be interested in owning one of those.)

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