Posted by: kristagolden | June 14, 2011

Favorite Goals of the Year: Krista’s Picks

With Game 7 looming, Emma and I thought we’d make our picks for favorite goals of the 2010-2011 season. We’ve decided to pick not just goals made but awesome saves as well.

I’ll take one goal each from the regular season and playoffs. The first is from my boy Patrick Kane, who got his 100th career goal against the San Jose Sharks on March 14. Stick tap to Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp for their assists.


The second comes from the first round of the playoffs. The Chicago Blackhawks’ Ben Smith, in his first playoffs, made the gamechanging goal in overtime that led to the epic Game 7 against the Vancouver Canucks.


Now for the saves, both of which are from the playoffs. The first was made by the Washington Capitals’ Michal Neuvirth in their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Even though the Caps were swept, you can’t deny that Neuvy made some sick saves in the postseason.


The second save was made by the Blackhawks’ Corey Crawford, who does an aweome Gandalf impression and tells Ryan Kesler “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” If you don’t think Crawfishy’s a future Vezina nominee/winner, you’re crazy.


Those are my picks. I know Emma will have some great ones of her own.

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