Posted by: emmaharger | June 14, 2011

Goals ‘n Saves

In which I am obviously biased towards my team (talking about them, reminiscing, etc. seems to help me cope a little bit sometimes) except when it comes to picking playoff things.

I’ll pick two goals and two saves. First is a goal whose celebration inspired a nickname I still use for the scorer. December 6, Thrashers vs. Predators, the game’s in overtime. Then, a well-executed play by defenseman Zach Bogosian ends the game in our favor. But while he’s doing his post-goal celebration, he tumbles onto his back, gets right back up and receives a hug from his teammates. The SportSouth announcer refers to this as “doing the tumbleina at center ice,” so Tumbleina it is.

I also remember seeing Ben Maxwell’s first NHL-level goal in the March 27 game versus the Senators. I took my friend Claire to her first game and it ended up being a hell of a game! It ended in a shootout, so she got to experience both overtime and a shootout. When we learned Maxwell had scored the goal, we all cheered really loudly. He was named first star of the game for that. But since there’s no Youtube video of it, I won’t count it.

Besides, I want to choose a playoff goal. Okay, Krista, here you go, some red meat for you. The Canucks had the Blackhawks on the brink of elimination and had the theoretical ability to eliminate them in their home barn. But clearly they got a heck of a pep talk and decided that they wouldn’t go down without a fight. The moment I knew that was when Duncan Keith popped this one in only 17 seconds after Brian Campbell had answered Sami Salo’s first-period equalizer.

Now for the two saves. First, from the regular season. I’m tempted to choose all 29 of the saves Ondrej Pavelec made in the early April game at the Rangers that was shown on Versus and resulted in a 3-0 shutout for us, but that’s not plausible. So instead I’ll choose this penalty shot from a February outing against the Rangers. Brent Sopel hooks Marian Gaborik and he gets a penalty shot. It’s getting late in the third and this could radically alter the course of the game itself. So, no pressure, right?

No problem.

Pavelec pulls off one hell of a pad save. Look at how wide he spreads to cover the net! Just getting stuff done on home ice, no big deal.

Now for the playoff save. I gotta give it to TimTom in this one. (Honestly, if he doesn’t win the Vezina, I’ll eat my hat. But we’ll talk more about NHL Awards later, OK?) He has been so stellar in this series, he deserves all of the cheeseburgers. At this point in game 3 against the Canucks, the Bruins have already sunk 4 goals, Nathan Horton’s crushing hit still fresh in their minds. Then Henrik Sedin catches a puck out of the air right in the paint and tries to sneak it past Thomas. Not gonna happen.

It’s been a heck of a season, hasn’t it?

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