Posted by: kristagolden | June 16, 2011

How not to be the fan of a losing team

First of all, congratulations to the Boston Bruins, your 2011 Stanley Cup Champions! As a newly minted hockey fan, I can say it was an exciting finals series, and taking it to seven games was an incredible nailbiter. Congrats also go to Tim Thomas, who got the Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP. He deserved it (just like he deserves all the cheeseburgers).

How's the view from up there, Lord Stanley?

That being said, it really disappoints me to see and hear that Vancouver Canucks fans are rioting in the streets because their team lost. There are reports of cars and other things being set on fire. SET ON FIRE. I’ve seen rioting in the streets – the aftermath of Ohio State’s BCS win in 2001 comes to mind – but that’s been on the winning side.

Dear Vancouver fans: NOT. COOL.

Vancouver fans, I understand that you think you deserved to win, but your reaction is beyond juvenile. So you lost, but think of how hard your team played and how far they went. Twenty-eight other teams wished they could be where your team was. Be thankful that they had the opportunity to play for the Cup. This is not the way to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work. If anything, you insult their effort and make them feel worse. Grow up and understand that this championship is earned, not handed to you.

Please stay safe, Vancouverites.


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