Posted by: kristagolden | June 16, 2011

Winter Classic, college style

Just as the NHL has its Winter Classic on outdoor ice, so does collegiate hockey on occasion. Case in point: I came across an Associated Press article today that talks of Ohio State and Michigan finalizing plans to have an outdoor game at Progressive Field (formerly Jacobs Field) in Cleveland. While it won’t be the first time Michigan has played in that type of venue (twice before against Michigan State), it will be the first time a major hockey game has been played outdoors in Ohio.

The official announcement hasn’t been made yet, but this would be a sight to see. Ohio State and Michigan have a storied rivalry, so you know attendance will be good. The fact that it could possibly take place during a festival called “Snow Days” would make attendance even better. And if the weather’s just right, it’ll be the perfect setting for such a game.

I do have one worry – at last year’s Winter Classic in Pittsburgh, the temps were unusually warm, making for soft ice and a rather sloppy game. Progressive Field is right there by Lake Erie. If the weather is unusually warm again, we’ll see another sloppy game. Then again, if we’re given one of those infamous lake-effect storms, we could have a delayed or cancelled game. Either way, I’d hate for Ohio’s weather to interfere with such a spectacular game.

Will I go? I’m not sure. I have a few months to decide on that. But if I do, you can be sure I’ll be reporting on it.


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