Posted by: emmaharger | June 19, 2011

The Parade and the Draft

Thank goodness for NHL Network! (Now, cable companies, let’s talk about how some of y’all deny my friends NHLN while giving them NBA, NFL, MLB Networks…Not cool.) This morning, they aired the Bruins’ parade in its entirety. I was introduced to the Boston tradition of the duck boat, a tourist attraction that can travel on the road or in the water. They are also brightly-colored and for the occasion were adorned with Boston-type ads. The duck boat Nathan Horton was on had a Dunkin’ Donuts banner, for example.

Duck land, I'm on a boat, motherducker. (Photo by John Tlumacki of the Boston Globe.)

As I just learned on Tumblr, each of these duck boats has a fantastic name. Examples include Longfellow Bridget (black: Jordan Caron, Chris Kelly, Tyler Seguin), Liberty Teresa (army green: Tuukka Rask, Anton Khudobin, Shane Hnidy) and my new nickname, Miss Emma Science (pink: Tomas Kaberle, Adam McQuaid). Cool!

Furthermore, Tuukka Rask continued to wear Horton’s helmet for part of the parade and Brad Marchand might not have been totally sober when Patrice Bergeron pulled him on stage to sing part of Black and Yellow.

A good time was clearly had by all. (As for Chicago fans trying to brag that their parade was bigger: STOP. This isn’t about who got a bigger turnout; this is about a team and a city showing love for its fans. Also, that talk of keeping/stealing the Cup to extend its Chicago lease for a year was uncalled-for. Y’all had your turn, and a good turn of it, but it is someone else’s turn. OK? OK.)

Later on, I went to my friendly Borders and procured these publications. (I wanted to get the special Bruins issue of Sports Illustrated, but it wasn’t there yet. Curses!)

I'm so ready for the draft.

Interestingly, the one on the left was clearly published in February: it still has Rob Schremp listed as an Islander when February is when he was traded to the Thrashers. Both of them operate under the assumption that Atlanta still definitely has a team, though. That slight upsetting thing aside, I carefully read and studied these magazines. Now I feel a little more ready for the draft!

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