Posted by: emmaharger | June 24, 2011

GUUUUY DOWN: Scouting Combine Recap 2011

Title taken from Kathy Griffin’s new stand-up special, Guuuurl Down, because it is on my DVR and it was beneath the scouting combine recap I recorded. My remote was overzealous and kept scrolling to Guuuurl Down instead of the recap. I thought it a bit fitting.

I mostly just typed notes while I watched the recap, so this might sound a little disjointed.

Can we banish the word youngsters from the English language, please? I always get irrationally mad when it’s used. It just makes me think of some old guy standing on his porch and screaming at the youngsters to get off his lawn.

For some reason, the hypothetical grandpa always looks like the one on Hey Arnold.

As I watch these clips of the draftees going through that strenuous exercise circuit, a young lady’s mind begins to wonder. Why did I go into journalism and not exercise science or something? (It could be because I have a poor mind for the kind of complex science involved in such endeavors, but my school had a really good and popular program and everything.) The idea of happily being able to measure strapping young lads’ tiny waists and almost nonexistent body fat percentages is a good one.

Also, sometimes you get to play that time-honored traditional game of "got your nose" with the prospects.

I love behind-the-scenes stuff like this, though. I once happily sat for hours watching the making-of diaries that came on my Doctor Who DVDs. Seeing how big things come together, and who is involved in the process, is just really interesting to me.

Time to be a little bit of a predictor, since the draft is tomorrow night and all: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins might totally be the Patrick Kane of 2011. I hesitate to make those “[thing] is the new [thing]” comparisons, because they are so passe, but he is pretty much the universal golden guy this year and with good reason. I reckon any team would be lucky to have him, even if Edmonton decides to pick someone else first. That being said, why does he make me think of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory?

Brothers from another mother?

Now for the most hilarious and random part of this whole shebangabang: Mika Zibanejad and Gabriel Landeskog’s shopping trip in the heart of Toronto. This was clearly made with a mind towards how it would look on Youtube and such. You know, that thing the youngsters use. (And I was right.) But I liked it anyway. I can’t believe Landeskog was scouted–by a modeling scout–in the middle of H&M!

On second thought, I kind of can.

A random discovery made in the music store there: Jeff Skinner likes Queen? Well, that’s a good thing–at least he has good taste in music.

Seth Ambroz is pretty hot too, in both the talent and appearance senses of the word.

I've read a lot about you, sir.

At the end of the program, I loved the clip from the 1988 draft of Mike Modano. Prepare to potentially feel old: that is the year I was born.

Oh, eighties hairdos.

Now, knowing more about what these draftees went through–in addition to all the things they already do as part of the minor-level teams they’re on–has given me further insight into the drafting process. It will be exciting to watch the draft tomorrow night. I don’t think I’ve got the stamina for rounds two through seven on NHL Network, so our coverage of that might be a little less meaty, but let’s have a fun time of it tomorrow night!

PS: I looked into the glaring issue of the team with the seventh pick and reportedtly they’re going to give their draftees generic hats and jerseys. Ouch.

ETA: Actually, no, Krista told me they’ve gone back to being called the Jets. Yawn.

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