Posted by: emmaharger | June 30, 2011

Some other things that are happening

A certain fellow whose name begins with a J and ends with an -aromir Jagr is kind of monopolizing hockey-related news heading into tomorrow’s free agency day. (The most recent reports I’ve read say that Detroit, Montreal and Pittsburgh are all interested in him, but everyone seems to agree that Pittsburgh is the most interested. Meanwhile, his agent won’t even say where he is except to say he’s in North America. Oh, that’s fantastically specific.)

But other things have been happening in the hockey world!

Christian Ehrhoff is going to swap out his Vancouver duds for Buffalo swag, having netted a 10-year deal worth $40 million with the Sabres. This comes after a move earlier this week in which they gave his rights over to the New York Islanders, thereby giving my diehard Islanders fans a little shard of hope.

Meanwhile in the “we have nothing better to do with our time” files, the Montreal police are going ahead with an investigation of the terrible Zdeno Chara-Max Pacioretty hit from March. Reportedly when that hit happened, there was an increase in 911 calls by fretful Habs fans calling for Chara to be arrested that night. (Obviously, that didn’t happen.) It seems like the Bruins organization always knew an investigation was going to happen, reading from GM Peter Chiarelli’s quotes in this article. (Note: irritatingly, a video began playing automatically when I went to this page. You may experience the same thing.) Chiarelli is being classy about it, of course, because he’s in an official position. But I’m not!

This ‘investigation’ is nonsense. It’s a waste of time when Montreal’s finest could be out there fighting the actual crimes that I am sure happen in a big city like that. It’s giving in to the demands of Habs fans who were understandably shocked when they saw this happen and who flew off the handle a little bit as a result of being so emotionally-charged. They should’ve just been laughed off at the time, but instead they’re seeing this through to completion.

If somehow criminal charges are officially filed against Chara, this creates very dangerous precedent. You don’t have to be a learned legal mind to figure that one out; my entire experience with the legal arena boils down to the ‘Student Code of Conduct’ we always studied the first week of school during K-12 and a communication law class in college, yet I can see it.

The sport of hockey is violent by definition. Look at one of the most common ways to take possession of the puck: check the current possessor into the boards. That’s grounds for battery charges in real life, but on the ice, the guys know to expect it. Would checking become a potential criminal charge? If we’re filing criminal charges for horrific injury-causing hits now, Boston’s finest should haul in Aaron Rome for his hit on Nathan Horton and Vancouver’s people in blue should take Johnny Boychuk in for his hit on Mason Raymond. The list of potential criminals grows and grows if you think more about it.

But unless we learn in September that charges have indeed been filed against both of those players (using the ‘incident in March, public revelation of investigation in June’ timeline here), the Chara investigation stands alone. Here’s hoping someone finally realizes its folly and drops the charges before anyone’s time is wasted any more than it already has been.

Furthermore, there’s a certain someone who has already moved past the hit and doesn’t want Chara to face charges: Pacioretty. He was recently signed to a two-year deal with the Canadiens, has been healing well and took to Twitter to declare: “Last comment on this: I hope Chara is NOT prosecuted. I have moved on from my incident and I hope everyone else can do the same.”

I think everyone could stand to listen to Patches on this one.


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