Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | July 1, 2011

Man of the Day 7/1: Sidney Crosby

This is a feature we’ve wanted to implement for a while here at Adventures in Pucking. We’re happy to begin it and have decided to honor Canada Day by picking a Canadian as the inaugural Man of the Day. Sometimes, the MotD pick won’t be so symbolic; it’ll just be us wanting to show some appreciation for a talented, good-looking gentleman. But it will always be fun.

Sidney Crosby

Born August 7, 1987 (age 23) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Center and captain of Pittsburgh Penguins

What is there to say about Crosby that hasn’t already been said? Drafted first overall in 2005, after a long and rewarding junior career in which he literally had to deal with opposing parents threatening him so badly he couldn’t wear his jersey between tournament games, Crosby is pretty much one of hockey’s golden boys. He was named an alternate during his first season and captain after his second! He picked up the Prince of Wales trophy in 2009! His list of accomplishments is pretty much as long as my arm! He scored the game-winning goal in the 2010 Olympics game against America! He used to live in Mario Lemieux’s guest house! We got to know him a bit better on 24/7 Penguins-Capitals! He’s a superstar and is going to keep accomplishing great things in the future.

That being said, his 2010-11 season was a little less productive because of two hits he took at the beginning of January (including one during the Winter Classic). He suffered concussion symptoms and sat out the rest of the season, although now he is reportedly healing well and on schedule. Still, he played 41 games, scored 32 goals, had 34 assists (66 points) and had 31 penalty minutes.

He has more awards in his entire career so far than a standard human skull has teeth, so here are the big guys: Olympic gold (2010), Stanley Cup (2009), Rocket Richard (2010), Art Ross (2007), Hart (2007), All-Star Game (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 although he only played in 2007’s due to injuries the other three years).

Fun fact! After the 2010 Olympics, one of his sticks and gloves went missing. Reebok offered a $10,000 (Canadian) reward for the items, no questions asked. The stick was found in a shipment of sticks bound for the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame over in Russia. But the glove’s story is funnier: it was found in the bag of Boston’s Patrice Bergeron, who had the stall next to Crosby’s in the Olympic locker room.

I'm not sure that LeBron comparison still works.



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