Posted by: kristagolden | July 4, 2011

The newest Blackhawk, or how I learned to stop whining and love the Carbomb

I was putting the finishing touches on the FAF post when Emma texted me that Danny Carcillo was signed by the Chicago Blackhawks. All I knew of him up till then was that he was a friend of Paul Bissonnette, aka BizNasty, which was a negative in my eyes.

Hey Emma: turn on or no?

But now I’ve had a few days to digest the news, and I’m actually glad he’s on the team. After the Great Salary Cap Purge of 2010, the defensive side became weak. Dustin Byfuglien is a beast who loves to screen goalies (hence why Roberto Luongo called him “rhinoceros hips” and “human eclipse”) – with his transfer to Atlanta, the Thrashers’ gain was the Blackhawks’ gaping hole.

To be honest, the defense as it stood before July 1 was lackluster. Defensemen were hesitant to screen and hit, and I don’t remember very many fights. I think that was part of the reason the team faltered this past season – well, that and a lot of injuries that seemed to come one after another. The core of forwards, like Sharp, Toews and Kane, is solid if they can stay healthy. But what the team needs is defense.

Add Carcillo to the mix. He’s bringing with him a two-game suspension, which means he’ll miss the season opener and the home opener against Dallas. But that’s okay, he has 80 games after that to lay the smackdown on opposing teams. He’s not going to pussyfoot around and be all dainty about defending the net; if anything, he’ll get in your face if you dare try to score against Corey Crawford.  And he’s not afraid to throw down the gloves.

Now that he's with the Blackhawks, will it be all Inception-like if he beats up someone on the Flyers?

Now, he says he’s mellowed a bit and will temper his emotions with game play. Frankly, with the way I salivate over hockey fights, I’d rather see him beast away on someone or chirp the opposing bench till they’re ready to bury him beneath the ice.

Anyway, welcome to Chicago, Carbomb. I just hope you realize that you look like Michael Frolik’s brother from another mother so you can troll the announcers.

I won't even ask the question this time.

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