Posted by: kristagolden | July 5, 2011

How Sidney Crosby proved that hockey players are good folks

Every once in a while, something in my local paper catches my eye. It could be about the time Dale Earnhardt Jr. popped into the hotel down the road from me on New Year’s Eve a few years ago or Vice President Joe Biden stopping by my hometown’s diner during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a hockey player pulling up next to you in a parking lot.

Samantha Cresanto wrote a lovely special column for my hometown paper, the Morning Journal, about her brother’s encounter with Sidney Crosby. Sid didn’t have to notice him – he had problems of his own at the time with his concussion recovery – but he did.

Sidney Crosby actually pulled up behind my family and me in the parking lot adjacent to the Consol Energy Center and asked, from his vehicle, who the young man in front of me was. I did manage, after a brief moment of awe, to introduce him to Kyle, and proceeded to ask Kyle if he knew who this man in the suit and tie was. (The two are only a year apart in age). Kyle – being Kyle – squealed with happiness and did a dance in his wheelchair in confirmation. From there, Crosby offered Kyle an autographed picture of himself, made casual conversation – asking how many games Kyle attends, where Kyle is from – and even got out of his car to take a picture with his young fan. And if ever we were wondering what made him stop, he did offer, “Well, I saw you were wearing my shirt, so”

We sometimes scoff at athletes who make appearances for charities and say that they’re doing it to keep up a public image. Maybe that’s true for some, but others actually participate out of a love for the fans who make it possible for them to do what they do every night. Sidney didn’t have to stop and talk to this family, but he took the time to do so.  That speaks volumes about the person he and athletes like him are.


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