Posted by: emmaharger | July 9, 2011

How did I go so long without seeing this movie?

Well, the primary reason is because I didn’t really care about sports until now, so watching a sports movie wasn’t really up my alley, and because most Americans tend to have a sort of ingrained knowledge about the Miracle on Ice. We know we kicked some Russkie butt on the ice in 1980 and that’s about it. But after seeing a bunch of Miracle pictures and references on Independence Day, I decided to get a copy for myself. I got it cheap off and it arrived in the mail tonight (we don’t have or really want Netflix), so I had a little movie night!

This is a great movie. My one quibble is that, because it’s a Disney movie, they clean up the language a little. Having seen 24-7 Penguins/Capitals (speaking of, yesterday there was a listing on HBO’s shop for the DVD version; today it appears to be gone), I know for a fact that the talk on the benches, in the locker rooms and often even coming from the coaches (love you for it, Bruce Boudreau) is often saltier than it’s portrayed in Miracle. But again, Disney, gotta clean it up for the kids.

Doesn’t matter. Wonderful casting, I love the infusion of contemporary history (like the scene where the coaches are waiting in line to purchase gas and when Herb and his wife see the Iranian hostage crisis just starting), plus the games are just so beautifully-shot. The moments when all you can hear is the sound of skates crackling on the ice and it’s just stare-downs in the faceoff circles: marvelous. It was also a nice touch to fade out the actor’s commentary and replace it with the real commentary from the last ten seconds of the big game. Then, just as I was wondering what happened to the guys, the credits told us (well, as of 2004 at least).

It’s a darn good movie and I recommend it to anyone. Oh, I also ordered Slap Shot, so that should be coming next week. I’ll do a similar post for that. I guess you could call it “Emma finally catches up on her hockey movies” or something.

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