Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | July 13, 2011

The five hockey Twitter accounts you must follow

1. Michael Grabner

High tweet frequency

Krista: I first took notice of Grabs’ tweets when his son Aidan was born – his entry into the world turned out to be good luck for both the Islanders and the Thrashers that night. It’s a treat to see him talk about everyday things, and I get a kick out of him chirping Matt Moulson. Oh, those boys.

Notable tweet:

We’ve already checked his DNA, Grabs. It’s made of cheeseburgers.

Emma: Grabner is a great Twitter user. Not only does he often circle in his fellow Islanders (usually Matt Moulson and Kyle Okposo) to chirp at and make gentle fun of them, he also likes to talk about the seemingly mundane off-hours stuff hockey guys do that sounds boring when it’s our lives but somehow more interesting when it’s theirs. (He loves Chinese takeout! He likes to just hang out, play video games and watch TV!) Plus, he’s a father, and he talks often about his son Aidan. For example, he just posted this photo of Aidan’s first time on the ice. (No, not skating; the little guy can’t even walk yet!)

Notable tweet:

Yep, I’m shameless. Whatever.

2. Alexander Ovechkin

Low tweet frequency

Krista: Like a double rainbow all the way across the sky, Ovi’s tweets make me squeal when they appear. I love his broken English and how he laughs with every tweet. I can picture him hunched over his Blackberry with a gap-tooth smile on his face.

Notable tweet:

Either Ovi needs a geography lesson or…something.

Emma: Oh, Ovechkin. You don’t tweet much, but when you do, it’s a treasure. Your tweets, full of exclamation points and laughter, make us imagine you tweeting while just being happy as a clam. After a few months of Twitter silence, he suddenly reappeared on the night of July 7 to populate Twitter feeds everywhere with laughter and un-capitalized glee as we later learned he was delayed in Colorado while waiting for a plane back to DC. He even sent a tweet in romanized Russian, not Cyrillic, to that extent. But in the end, all he was really doing was late night filings.

Notable tweet:

The tweet that started a million theories as to what the heck the other thing could be as well as a hilariously crackpot “what if” in which Ovechkin was president. (A car in every garage and chiken wings in every pot.)

3. Bobby Ryan

High tweet frequency

Krista: After I started following a few hockey players, I noticed they kept retweeting Bobert. I got curious and followed him, and I’ve loved his down-to-earth tweets. He’s another hockey boy from whom I wouldn’t mind getting a response.

Notable tweet:

This all started with the tweet “I hate making grown-up decisions”. Oh dear, what did he mean? Then came the follow-up.

Emma: Silver is a big Twitter presence who updates us on his life, like a recent trip to Idaho, while also interacting with followers and even dispatching trolls who came at him after he gently joked with James van Riemsdyk about New Jersey. Keep in mind, Ryan IS from New Jersey! (I love his use of “you sir are an idiot,” a page taken from Keith Olbermann’s book.) He has mostly upbeat, friendly tweets; the kind of guy you feel like you could comfortably talk to, no problem.

Notable tweet:

“Really man?” has turned into a refrain among many hockey fans since this was tweeted out recently. Really man?

4. Blake Wheeler

Medium tweet frequency

Krista: I started following him and a few other Thrashers  on Emma’s suggestion. My best memory of Wheels is the day he jokingly chirped Ondrej Pavelec after his performance at the World Championships. I just had to chirp back, and you see what happened below.

Notable tweet:

Emma actually pulled over to text me back when I told her. That was a good day.

Emma: I remember when Blake first joined. His rather unorthodox username–a nod to his beloved dogs Biggie and Tobias Funke, who are pictured in his profile shot–kept him flying under the radar. He stayed on the low-low until Anthony Stewart tweeted out a picture of him and mentioned his username. But he’s a sweet guy who clearly loves his native Minnesota, his TV (he seems to be watching lots of The Sopranos lately) and having a good summer. Also I had to pull over when Krista texted me about that reply. Georgia has made texting while driving illegal! Even at red lights.

Notable tweet:

Because it reminds me of the Chappelle’s Show sketch featuring Prince, in which he says during a basketball game that the other team should consider purifying themselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

5. Duncan Keith

Very low tweet frequency

Krista: Say hello to the first – and to date only – member of the Chicago Blackhawks to join Twitter (Danny Carcillo doesn’t count because he deleted his account). I really hope Duncs actually tweets soon, since the Blackhawks Convention is coming up this weekend. I wanna see some candid Twitpics of Brent Seabrook fussing with his hair.

Emma: Keith has decided to do his Twitter account in the style of @BarackObama, electing to mostly have someone else post tweets. Tweets from him will be signed as such, much like how tweets from the president are signed with his initials. He also has nothing on his account right now except for the explanation of the signed tweets and a notice about a new official website. Heh, okay buddy.

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