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Man of the Day 7/14: Alexander Semin

Alexander Valerievich Semin

Born March 3, 1984 (age 27) in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Left wing for the Washington Capitals

Man of the Day needed some more Russians and who better to choose than Sasha Semin? He began his hockey career with the Traktor Chelyabinsk school, which has an awesome logo. A good debut season led the Capitals to pick him 13th overall in the 2002 NHL draft. He spent one more year in Russia before having his NHL debut in 2003-04. Strangely, he missed the team flight to Pittsburgh for the Capitals’ season closer against the Penguins. (Didn’t they do a head count?!) During the lockout, he returned to Russia and played for Lada Togliatti, drawing the ire of the Caps for not going to the Hershey Bears.

Then, he needed to stay in Russia for another year. Why? Military service. All Russian men are required to serve two years, but the service requirement is waived for men who spend those two years playing for Russian pro teams. This led to some international legal trouble, but he finished up his military service and returned to the Caps for 2006-07. This first season back, he and Alexander Ovechkin were the team’s two top scorers, leading to the nickname “The Other Alex,” but I rather prefer Sasha.

They are cute together, though!

This season, Sasha played in 65 regular season games, scoring 28 goals and notching 26 assists, spending 71 minutes in the sin bin. During the playoffs, he played in 9 games, scoring 4 goals and notching 2 assists, spending 8 minutes in the sin bin. He has also represented Russia in many worldwide competitions, including the 2010 Olympics, where Russia placed sixth. He has medals from the 2005 Worlds (bronze), 2008 Worlds (gold) and the 2010 Worlds (silver). Good for you, Sasha! Here’s to the future!

He looks especially good in this photo.


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