Posted by: emmaharger | July 15, 2011

The continuing smell of schadenfreude in the afternoon

The New Jersey Devils have signed unrestricted free agent and former Thrasher Eric Boulton, seen here doing what he does best against John Erskine of the Capitals. Take that, Winnipeg. Boulton was pretty much our most reliable agitator; just check out his tally of squabbles on Hockey Fights. He can also score, too, don’t get me wrong–he scored his first career hatty against the Devils in December. Back in 2005, after Boulton injured two different guys in the span of two weeks in a similar fashion, John Tortorella (then of Tampa Bay, now of New York Rangers) said “no one wants to see him on the ice.” Well guess what buddy, Atlanta certainly did and now New Jersey gets to as well. Have fun with that, Tortorella!

I always liked seeing number 36 on the ice. I knew that that meant he would be unafraid to drop the gloves if necessary, allowing other guys on the team to do what they do best. He was an integral part of the team and had been since 2005. Plus, oftentimes before a game, hanging out in the adjacent-to-Blueland CNN Center, my friends and I would see Boulton, attired in pre-game suit, going to the little Starbucks and picking up something. I never was able to catch exactly what he ordered, but that lent me to nickname him Latte.

So, Devils fans, welcome Latte to your team. I think you will find him palatable. Yours sincerely, Sad Little Thrashers Fan (I have seriously considered changing my online handles to that).

Here he is with his kids...and Dustin Byfuglien.


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