Posted by: kristagolden | July 16, 2011

A Debbie Downer way to kick off the fun

It was supposed to be the start of a great weekend. The Blackhawks Convention opened yesterday, but there was this cloud hanging over it that made everyone a little sad.

(For the record, I’m obvserving things from here in Ohio via internet. I would punch babies to go next year.)

Okay, there was some good news: Michael Frolik was FINALLY signed to a three year contract. That was a big weight off my mind, because I for one wanted him to stay. He may have only arrived in February, but he made a big impact on the team, especially in the playoffs. Oh, and the team gained Sami Lepisto from the Columbus Blue Jackets. But there was one casualty on the free agency front, and I’m gonna guess that it was unrelated to the signings: after trying to work things out with Chris Campoli, the team ended negotiations. He won’t be back on the team, but I think with everyone we have now, we’ll be just fine.

That wasn’t the reason for the cloud. Just before the opening ceremonies, the team announced that Patrick Kane would be having surgery on the 19th to repair a fracture in his wrist, an injury probably sustained during the playoffs and aggravated in his offseason workouts. He’ll be out 6-8 weeks, but both Kaner and the team assured everyone that he’d be back to form by the start of training camp on September 13.

Oh Patrick, why must you make me spend the summer worrying about you and that haircut?

 Kaner’s my man (just as Ondrej Pavelec is Emma’s man), so news of his impending surgery has thrown my brain into Worried Mommy Mode. But I do have to agree with him on one thing – it’s better to do this now and have the rest of the summer to heal and work with it than to have it be really bad when you’re really needed and miss two months’ worth of games. That makes me feel a little better.

Funny thing: there were stupid, stupid rumors flying about Patrick being in rehab for substance abuse. They were 100% false, of course, but now he really will be in rehab over the summer – he’ll be working to strengthen his wrist for the upcoming season.

At least an injured wrist won't affect his ability to do the Kaner Shuffle.

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