Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | July 22, 2011


We’re going to start signing our posts here. Although when we post, we use our separate accounts (emmaharger and kristagolden) and those appear in bylines at the top of the post, the bylines are a bit small, so at the end of posts we’ll do -Emma or -Krista just for clarity’s sake, kind of like how the NHL Bruins account signs their tweets depending on the source of info.

As for Men of the Day, those will continue. We do two at a time. So today, July 22, is the second of two Emma days. Krista will do July 23 and 24. Emma will do July 25 and 26. Et cetera et cetera. We’ll sign those, too. Although originally we wanted them to be kind of ‘neutral,’ sometimes we want to talk about our experiences or whatnot, so we’ll sign those as well at the end.

Now enjoy a photo of cupcakes and carry on your way!



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