Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | July 25, 2011

Man of the Day 7/25: Mark Mowers

Mark Mowers

Born February 16, 1974 (age 37) in Decatur, Georgia, USA

Right wing for Friburg-Gotteron (Swedish A-Leagues)

So I was looking around Hockey-Reference’s “frivolities” section for a guy to pick as Man of the Day. One metric you can search by is where players were born. Curious, I input my home and current state of Georgia and expected nothing, but got three results. Better yet? I discovered Mowers here is from Decatur, where I currently hang my hat. Decatur is a city 10 miles east of Atlanta and is known for its vibrant downtown square lined with cool restaurants and places to hear a band. It’s very liberal and good for families and I quite like it here. Anyway, I’ll stop gushing about Decatur now.

Mowers left Decatur to play high school level in Whitestown, New York and went to college at the University of New Hampshire, where he kept on playing for all four years. After graduating, he was actually never drafted but rather signed as a free agent by the Predators in 1998. He split the season with their AHL affiliate, the Milwaukee Admirals, and couldn’t seem to get a secure starting spot on Nashville’s roster for the next three years. He went to the Red Wings in 2002, spent time with their affiliate the Grand Rapids Griffins and was on the AHL All-Star Team for 2002-03. Next year, he was called up to Detroit and played pretty impressively before suffering a foot injury and missing the playoffs.

Mowers (on right) celebrating a goal as a Bruin.

In the Year That Never Was, Mowers went over to Sweden and played with two teams: the Malmo Redhawks and Friburg-Gotteron. He returned to the Red Wings once the lockout ended, but then followed coach Dave Lewis when he left Detroit and shipped up to Boston. In Boston, he played a career-high 78 games and had 17 points. He was traded to Anaheim, but didn’t play much and was lent to Switzerland’s popular SC Bern club for the rest of the season. Then he returned to Friburg-Gotteron, which interestingly is a rival of SC Bern’s. He is still with Friburg-Gotteron as of this most recent season, where he played 28 games, scored 6 goals, got 8 assists and spent 38 minutes in the sin bin. Not bad, not bad at all.


Making Decatur proud.

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