Posted by: emmaharger | July 27, 2011

The Top Searches!

For a while there, basically all of our top searches were Jagr-related. That’s changed a bit now, so I want to do The Top Searches again.

Jaromir Jagr: Well…they can’t all be non-Jagr related, I guess!

For the true throwback style, Jagr should bring back the mullet.

Sidney Crosby: Inaugural Man of the Day honoree, all-around good guy and captain of the Penguins, of course.  More recently he’s been seen around his hometown of Halifax, hanging out with kids in the lounge at the children’s hospital and–this is particularly good news for Penguins fans–doing workouts on the ice again. He hopes to be ready for training camp. Good for him!

Zach Bogosian: Also a Man of the Day honoree, a former Thrasher and as of right now still no word as to where he may go in fall. He’s basically the last Thrashers free agent I know of, so we’ll just wait and see what may happen to him. We’ll make sure to report when it does.

-“free parking for islanders game“: I of course have no idea about the parking situation at the Coliseum, so I asked Vicky (author of the Islanders explanatory post, building another post about the topic and my travel buddy for an October Boston trip) about this. She said “I WISH PARKING WAS FREE!” That settles that then, I guess. Sorry!

Alexander Semin: Another Man of the Day honoree who it seems like is staying in Washington. I’d heard some rumors–including one of a trade to That City in exchange for Zach Bogosian–but for now it doesn’t seem as if any of that is really true.

-“hockey bromances claude giroux“: I’m cracking up at the exactness of this search term. They didn’t just want Giroux, they wanted hockey bromances with Giroux. Well, lucky for whomever did this search, there does appear to be one. It’s pretty common knowledge that Claude Giroux and Daniel Briere, teammates on the Philadelphia Flyers (they managed to survive Philly’s Extreme Makeover earlier this summer, so they must be good), are pretty chummy. In fact, they live together. After Briere divorced his wife Sylvie, Giroux came to live in his house so he would not be totally alone with his three sons Caelan, Carson and Cameron. The ABC affiliate in Philadelphia filed a story:

“Who does the dishes?” “The dishwasher.” Great answer, Briere.

Anyway, I think that’s pretty bromantic, right? It’s a bit like Entourage–which is on Briere’s shirt in that story–with guys living together and united by a common career path.

To quote a song from the Scrubs musical episode, it's guy love between two guys!

Also: Reportedly Briere is one of the contenders for Philly’s next captain, along with Kimmo Timonen and Chris Pronger. Interesting!

-David Krejci: Another Man of the Day, he recently had his days with the Stanley Cup (I read Europeans tend to get two days as a courtesy because of the time it takes to get Stanley overseas and everything; this explains how backup goalie Tuukka Rask got two days even though he played only 29 regular season games this year and 0 playoff games) over in his native Czech Republic. NHL has two videos (part one and part two) of that. There is also a lot of appreciation for Krejci’s skills in the segment of the Bruins 2011 DVD dealing with the Boston/Philadelphia series. I’m still gathering screencaps from that DVD and I aim to have it done soon.

Keep on searching, O users of the Interwebs! These posts are fun!


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