Posted by: kristagolden | August 3, 2011

Attention ladies: Mr. Handsome will be staying in Chicago

After months of speculation and whispering, it became official: Patrick Sharp was signed to a five-year extension with the Blackhawks. He joined the team in 2005, so this means he’ll spend over a decade in the Windy City.

“It has always been a focus of mine to stay a Blackhawk,” Sharpie said at a press conference at the United Center. He was also happy that he didn’t have to worry about his contract during the season, even though he didn’t really worry about it over the summer anyway.

Stan Bowman said “Obviously, this is a big announcement to have Patrick coming back” and stated that re-signing him had been something they worked on for quite a while. He also emphasized that with the signings of Corey Crawford, Michael Frolik, the free agents from July 1 and the draftees, the Blackhawks are as strong a team as ever. He praised Sharpie and said that he hasn’t reached his peak yet.

When asked about how he felt about Stan’s comments, Patrick laughed and said that in the locker room, 29 (his age) is getting up there. But he said that he’s healthy and ready to make it to training camp in another run for the Stanley Cup.  

You know I did a little dance when I heard the news. Now I can cross fingers that he’ll be on a line with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews this fall. And maybe he can be even more handsome…nah, I don’t think that’s possible.

Congratulations on your contract and everything else about you.

– Krista

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