Posted by: emmaharger | August 5, 2011

Hockey Guilty Pleasures

Krista sent me this Q&A from Puck Daddy and figured we could have fun answering it ourselves. Sounds good to me! Also I usually don’t swear in posts on here–I try to be a little more professional and keep my swear-filled hockey stuff to Tumblr–but there is an exception to this rule in this post, although it’s on a photo I didn’t create myself. Just, uh, figured I’d disclaim that.

1. The player you most love to hate
I have to admit I am rather guilty of indulging in the Roberto Luongo chirping that was especially common during the Stanley Cup finals. I just about burst something from laughing when the “What time is it? Eight past Luongo” meme began after game three. But whenever people chirp him, some other people act as if we’re desecrating a holy statue or breaking a law or something. He’s a goaltender. All goaltenders know that they’re going to get chirped and they have to learn to not let it get to their heads. Luongo’s great during the regular season–his numbers were just behind Tim Thomas’ and he wasn’t nominated for the Vezina for nothing–but during big games, he freaks himself out and you can see him suffer for it. So of course people are going to satirize him for it, especially when he combines that with how he sometimes acts before the camera (I’ll never see the act of pumping tires the same way).

Stay thirsty, my friends.

 2. Other than your own, the team you can’t help rooting for
McIndoe, I disagree with your assertion that one can only truly root for one team. Have you seriously never met…oh, I don’t know, pretty much ALL of the fans I know? I know folks where you see the list of what teams they like and it’s basically most of the league! But that’s okay, you know. People can do what they want. (PS: A fan is a fan is a fan. Let’s not go off on debating what makes one a “real” fan, okay?)
Oh, right, I went off on a tangent instead of answering the question for myself. Well then. I do have a soft spot for the Islanders. Great team, good hustle, going through their own dark times right now. I look forward to watching them in action this season and I want them to prove the haters wrong! Same with the Panthers; I guess I just can’t help but love an underdog. I refuse to accept the entrenched “Panthers suck lol” ‘wisdom’ and write them off completely. This was how I felt even before this summer, when they grabbed up a bunch of good talent.

The underdogs.

Out in the West, I’m interested in the Ducks. I’ll tell my friend who goes to college in Long Beach to go to more Ducks games. She casually mentioned going to a few when she came home for a visit earlier this summer. So by McIndoe’s standards, I’m a faithless hockey polygamist or something. Whatever.

3. Favorite fight or brawl of all time (there should be no dash between all and time in this context, per AP style)
I remember my friend Amanda showing me an ECHL-level brawl that involved basically the entire benches, but I can’t recall the two teams’ names or anything. So I think I’m going to pick this incident from June 8’s BostonVancouver game.

Fun fact: ESPN Magazine had an issue where they ran a big two-page spread of Dennis Seidenberg dragging Alexandre Burrows out of the crease. I carefully tore the spread out and literally taped it to my wall. Talk about your pinup photos! This may be when some of the Canucks learned that Tim Thomas is not a goalie to mess with–check out his taut smile and nod around 1:42. He will jump you but be courteous afterwards. By the way, this just edged out February 9’s Boston-Montreal brawl…yes, the goalie fight one.

4. The hideous-looking hockey jersey you secretly love the most
One of the small injustices about not getting my 2011-12 season is that I never get to see what they were going to do with the end of the Thrashers’ red jerseys, which pretty much no one liked. To me they violated a principle of style by having the numbers on front in such big font like that. (I was angling for one kind of like the Penguins’ beautiful powder blue third jerseys.) I also knew someone who said that the home jerseys looked ECHL-ish because of the sleeve that had Atlanta spelled out down the side. But I loved those jerseys, so there you have it.

No shame, just love.

5. Your favorite hockey cliche
Anything to do with the five-hole because I’m secretly twelve years old–it just says 22 on my driver’s license–and love to giggle at things like that.

6. The injury you couldn’t stop staring at (non-skate lacerations only)
Oh darn, that disqualifies Clint Malarchuk’s almost-life ender, doesn’t it? Since that was a skate laceration and all. (If you don’t know the story, it’s a heck of a read. If you’re squeamish, though, do not look at photos.)

Little things.

I do have a weird little thing for small injuries, the kinds that don’t mean stitches (I get squicked out by stitches). You know, fat lips, little face cuts, etc. That photo of Milan Lucic just makes him look even better than he already does.

7. Your favorite cheesy hockey reference in popular culture
Is it cheesy to pick this Subaru commercial?

I love the music in it (the Pogues! Yeah buddy! I love Irish-tinged rock like them, the Cranberries and the Dropkick Murphys) and the kids are adorable. It’s funny how at one point they’re all in the sin bin. This is a longer version I haven’t seen on TV, so I’m not as familiar with some of the shots: look at the little moppets banging their sticks on the boards! Aww! I can’t help but think of Linda Staal carting her four babies off to various games, practices, towns, etc. This ad shows what it’s really about to be a hockey mom, not the aggressive braggadocio Sarah Palin made it about in the 2008 election.

8. Your favorite terrible hockey card or hockey action figure
I actually don’t own any cards or figures at all, so I can’t tell you that. All I have are shirts, DVDs, magazines, a reusable shopping bag I got at the Thrashers’ penultimate game ever, the button and squishy puck Vicky got me and game programs. Ha ha ha ha, jack my swag.

9. Finally, what’s the thing you secretly respect Gary Bettman for the most?
I refuse to answer this question on the grounds of not having any respect for him at all.-Emma

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