Posted by: kristagolden | August 6, 2011

Hockey Guilty Pleasures Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

I’d found that post on the Puck Daddy blog while looking for the Briere-Giroux video clip and saw the guy’s answer to the second question. Then my vision turned red and I thought “If he can answer those questions, so can we!” Hence my emailing the link to Emma, and the rest is history.

Anyway, here are my answers:

1. The player you most love to hate

Like Emma, I chirp the everloving crap out of Roberto Luongo. Please, if you sit there and complain that the opposing goalie isn’t praising you, there is something wrong with you, namely your ego surpasses the total square mileage of Alaska and Texas combined. Get over yourself.

Another player I hate: Raffi. Torres. I mean seriously, any man who plows over Brent Seabrook and gets 0 punishment for it deserves to be on my “I wouldn’t sleep with you if the world ended tomorrow” list.

2. Other than your own, the team you can’t help but root for

It was the Thrashers – okay, part of me will always root for the Thrashers. I also can’t help but root for teams that are home to former Blackhawks – this year, that will be the Panthers, Capitals and Sharks…but not the Jets. I’ll cheer on Buff and Laddy (and Pavs as well, because he’s Emma’s boo), but not the team. It just isn’t the same.

3. Favorite fight or brawl of all time

I could show you the Carey Price-Tim Thomas fight, but this here is one fight I always love watching: Evander Kane of the Atlanta Thrashers clocking big bad Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Peguins. Just the sheer “What the-” of it all because of Cookie never getting the upper hand is beautiful.


4. The hideous looking hockey jersey you secretly love the most

I’m with Em on the Thrashers’ third jerseys – they were awful and just…blech. But I have to admit, I love the home jerseys of the Minnesota Wild. They remind me of Christmas and specifically the Beanie Buddy bear I use as a holiday decoration.

If Santa wore a hockey jersey, I think it'd be this one.

5. Favorite hockey cliche

Aside from my juvenile sense of humor, the phrases “upper body injury” and “lower body injury” make me scratch my head. All they do is make me think of concussions and puck shots to the crotch.

6. The injury you couldn’t stop staring at (non-skate lacerations only)

It’s only teeth, right Duncs?

Six words: Duncan Keith’s puck to the mouth.

7. Your favorite cheesy hockey reference in popular culture

The ball hockey on the roof scene from Clerks, hands down. But since YouTube lacks really good clips of it, have this scene from Wayne’s World:

8. Your favorite terrible hockey card or hockey action figure

I haven’t seen any terrible ones yet, so have a presh one of Tyler Seguin:

He was a cutie pie back then, too.

9. What’s the thing you secretly respect Gary Bettman for the most?

You’re kidding, right? Because there’s absolutely nothing I respect about him. He gets booed for a reason – no one likes him.

– Krista


  1. As a Blackhawks fan I could not agree more with the Raffi Torres comment. I can’t wait for Karma to catch up with him since the league did nothing. Oh yeah the same league run by Mr. Bettman no need to say more. Great piece and very entertaining.

  2. Hahaha, SportsHash, I couldn’t help but laugh at the swipe at Bettman. Since we’re both Thrashers fans around here, especially me, we always appreciate jokes at his expense ;D

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