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Patrice Bergeron Appreciation Time

[Hi, Persephone readers! We hope you enjoy our blog and come back often! Sure, it’s offseason, but we’re still having fun with our daily Man of the Day feature and lots of other cool stuff.]

This past weekend, Bruins alternate captain and Man of the Day honoree Patrice Bergeron got to spend two days with Stanley. He took his new silvery pal up to Quebec City for a duo of very eventful days. made sure to give us the necessary info and video about this trip. I screencapped the videos–any grainy quality is on them, I tried my best!

First, Bergeron took Stanley to “where it all started” for him: the Catholic school Séminaire Saint-François. (Go Blizzard!) The school’s hockey team members were told to report to the school because they needed to fill out paperwork.

Some paperwork!

Bergeron gave a speech–that wasn’t included in the video, probably because it could’ve been in French (translators? No?)–and then posed with the kids.

Then he gets back on his little blue bus, which contains his family (including his ridiculously pretty girlfriend Stephanie Bertrand; more from her later), and gives a few sound bites. Even with the somewhat unflattering light from the cameras shining on him, he still looks great.

Félicitations pour votre visage. (I hope the grammar was good on that.)

He continues an unofficial tradition of taking Stanley to a children’s hospital, Children’s Hospital University of Quebec Laval. Cue the adorable children!

This little muffin is just too darn cute for words. Attired for the occasion in a Bruins hat and shirt, accompanied by perhaps his mom (they never make it clear), Bergeron interacts with him a lot and says in a voiceover that he loves kids. Awwww!

After visiting les enfants, Bergy takes Stanley to the riverside, where a staging area is there and there are TONS of people waiting to see him. Some have been queued up for hours. Many are in Bruins attire, including of course a lot of #37 gear. It’s gray and rainy, but no one cares–they wanna see Patrice! We hear from a lot of fans who express pride in Bergeron (and also pronounce his name in proper French style, which is lovely).

Interesting camera angle. (Raindrop on camera lens)

You can see a lot of black and yellow here.

Love this guy's face paint!

Again, congratulations on your face.

Now it’s time to talk la famille. Bergeron says he’s traveling with an entourage:  mère et père, grand-mère et grand-père, frère Guillaume, le petite amie de Guillaume et le petite amie de Patrice. (Man, my two semesters of college French are coming in handy!)

Good idea!

Stephanie appreciation time. She’s mentioned in the Sports Illustrated Bruins edition article about Patrice because she was very caring and encouraging when he suffered his concussion during the playoffs. I refuse to be one of those female hockey fans who hate the girlfriends and wives. There’s no call for it and sometimes the significant others are sweet as pie (see also Milan Lucic’s girlfriend Brittany Carnegie).

Her face deserves congratulations too.

On the little blue bus, Bergeron shares the Stanley love…

With his dad

And with Stephanie!

The evening of day one involved some private events, so respectfully, no press was invited. Day two of Bergeron’s time with Stanley begins with a classy breakfast for him and his family. He mentions some “warriors” who didn’t make the breakfast (I sense the nice way of saying “they were hung over!”) and talks about the food for a while before calling one of the servers at the event hall over with a jug of orange juice. What could that be for?

Slight aside: he looks very good in this photo.

In this photo too.

He talks about the warriors who are missing breakfast and--hold up! He eats left-handed, just like me!

"Pardon me, sir, may I have some orange juice?"

Okay. The full extent of what is coming up next can’t really be expressed too well in still images. I still got one, but thankfully someone on Tumblr made a gif of it too. Seeing it in a moving image is really what it takes to get the full impact. You’ll see.


After his healthful sip of OJ, he is ready to take on the day.

Phil Pritchard, who we’ve seen before in the “behind the scenes with the Cup” segment on my Bruins DVD and Krista’s Blackhawks DVD, is there. He has some swag to award to the 25th member of the Triple Gold Club (and points out that Bergeron got a gold medal at the World Juniors too, so technically he’s in a Quadruple Gold Club).

It's a gorgeous, undoubtedly expensive gold watch.

Once Bergeron gets his watch, he hugs his mom.


Quebec City establishing shot!

Turns out someone is doing a photoshoot of Bergeron and Quebec City is a good place to do so because it has such interesting old buildings.

So are we gonna be able to see a full variety of pics from this photoshoot soon or...?

La famille.

Patrice and Guillaume.

It's so scenic!

I bet his mom and dad are so proud!

Then he decides to walk the streets of the city. He’s surprised by the amount of people who spring up with cameras and well-wishes (you hear him speak French with some of them). Ryan Bader, who was traveling with the entourage and reporting on it for, describes him as the Pied Piper of Quebec City.

Everything in this photo is pretty.

All in all, Bergeron says he had a great two days and he hopes to do this again next year.

One parting shot of how he looks rather good.

This weekend, the Cup will go to British Columbia for Mark Recchi and Milan Lucic’s days. I have a good friend in the Vancouver area who has expressed interest in going to one or both of the days. I’ll ask her if she’d like to contribute a guest post or photos if she chooses to go to the days.


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