Posted by: emmaharger | August 10, 2011

Rob Schremp going to Sweden; let’s see how long I can go without making an IKEA joke

Dang it, I made one already.

In the continuing, but near its conclusion, saga of Emma’s Schadenfreude, another former Thrasher has said “no thank you” to Winnipeg and is off on a new journey. This time it’s Rob Schremp, whom Atlanta claimed off waivers from the Islanders back in February. His next stop? Sweden! He’s off to play for the Elitserien team Modo, which is sometimes styled as MODO but I rather prefer it the other way because it doesn’t sound shouty that way. Stick-tap to Pro Hockey Talk for the scoop; they’re definitely going to be on that blogroll I have been meaning to implement.

Better Modo red than Winnipeg.

In learning more about Modo I just discovered they gave some sort of rookie of the year award to Tobias Enstrom in 2003. Of course, in 2003 the Thrashers drafted him and he was always a very strong defensive presence as well as being kind of the elder statesman of the team because he’d been around so long and was such an example of homegrown talent. This season he was an alternate along with Dustin Byfuglien and both of them went to the All-Star game, although Enstrom got injured and didn’t play. (Other notable Modo alumni: the Sedin twins.)

Like I said, we got Schremp in February, along with Mark Stuart, Blake Wheeler and Radek Dvorak, just as I was starting to get into hockey. Until that point, he’d played 45 games for the Islanders, scoring 10 goals, getting 12 assists and having 12 minutes of contemplation in the sin bin. After that, with us he played 18 games, got three goals and one assist with four minutes of sin bin time.

My most striking memory of Schremp is that he was personable. Namely, when my friend Amanda and I went to practice one time (one of my biggest regrets is not going to more, but they were always at times when I was in class or at my internship and I labored under the delusion there would be more in the fall after I graduated and got more free time), he was one of the last ones off the ice. He looked right at us and said hello. Amanda got a bit tongue-tied, so I said “hi!” right back, but he had been shooting looks our way the whole time as well. I recall from my friend Kayley, who always sat pretty much ice-side at games, that he was friendly to her as well.

Then there’s the fact that he and Zach Bogosian (looks like they’re, uh, not really sure if they want him up in the Land Fun Forgot; then just trade his rights and carry on with it or something) seemed to be becoming friends as well. Both of them hail from New York (Schremp from Fulton, Bogosian from Massena), so maybe they started off with that and went from there. I’d often see them chatting with one another at pre-game warmups while waiting to take shots at Pavs or Mason.

Like this! Isn't that delightful?

Like I said above, with this decision, Bogosian is basically the last free agent who hasn’t gone either way yet. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any news on him.

The Saga of Emma’s Schadenfreude so far:

Eric Boulton to the Devils

Anthony Stewart to the Hurricanes

Radek Dvorak to the Stars

Craig Ramsay to the Panthers

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