Posted by: emmaharger | August 11, 2011

Shaking My Head

I was introduced to the popular Internet acronym “smh” by a friend of mine who used to live here–she’s now in St. Louis with her parents, so I should tell her to go to Blues games–who used it quite frequently on her Twitter feed. Today I am totally smh for two different reasons.

Milan Lucic was born in Vancouver, played for the Vancouver Giants and his family is still there. So naturally, he wants to bring the Stanley Cup to his hometown and share it with the people of his birthplace. Except recent events mean that he’s not going to do anything public anymore. What? Lucic’s mom recently told the Vancouver Courier (in a kind of weirdly-written article) that things feel tense up in the VAN. She’s careful to not paint it with a broad brush and to correctly identify the problems as being with only a few rogue elements, but there have been a few incidents, enough to probably make her protective-mama sense light up and declare “Milan, better keep it private.”

First, a picture of him (wearing Bruins gear) hanging at a Vancouver community center was defaced. Then he went to a Greek festival and, while he did not do any fighting, some squabbles broke out in the crowd around him. This third incident was a little while ago, but flash back to game one of the Boston/Vancouver series, when certain people threw popcorn and peanuts at his grandparents. So Lucic planned to take the Cup to Kitsilano Beach Park for a sports festival, but that won’t happen now. He’ll keep it close-knit. What a shame, the idea that he can’t even share his victory with the city where he first played the game because of a few rotten apples/sore losers. (Also my friend Taryn planned to go see his Cup day! She still plans to see Mark Recchi’s, though.)

Looch wants to share, but some folks in Vancouver aren't feeling it.

The investigation into the Chara-Pacioretty incident continues. Sadly. The investigation is now complete and has been forwarded to prosecutors, so it’s basically moved from the Law segment to the Order segment. (In the criminal justice system, hockey-based offenses are considered especially heinous…) At this point, lawyers will now decide whether to bring charges against Chara. I wrote about this when the investigation was first publicly revealed. Back then, I worried about the potential of precedent: could this become standard operating procedure for handling injuries in hockey? Would it be appropriate for that to happen?

Obviously I think not. Seeing on-ice grudges leave the barns and go to the courts would be ridiculous. It’d be like that South Park episode in which everyone sues everyone for trumped-up sexual harassment charges to the point that everyone is completely broke and it’s far too absurd. I hope prosecutors see the pointlessness in furthering the case–or if charges are filed, the two gentlemen can settle out of court, shake hands and move on with their lives. Again, Pacioretty himself has said it’s time to let it go already.

Patches wants the legal system of Quebec to get (get) that (that) dirt off their shoulders.

So today has been a day of total smh. Ugh.


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