Posted by: kristagolden | August 14, 2011

Say it ain’t so, Sid

The news was encouraging: after months on the sidelines and heartbreaking scenes of seeing him watch his team struggle in the first round of the playoffs, Sidney Crosby was getting back on the ice to train for the start of the season. Fans rejoiced at the thought of Sid and Evgeni Malkin back at Consol Energy Center. But now a story on Pro Hockey Talk says that Sid might not be ready and could miss some games. I’m guessing that maybe he pushed himself a bit too much, or something he did triggered a setback.

Concussions are unpredictable animals; one minute you feel like you’re almost there recovery-wise, but then something happens to wipe out all the progress you’ve made. Let’s hope that if it’s true, he won’t be out too long and can get back to the action.

Here's hoping we see this in October.

ETA: Apparently Dan Bylsma will be holding a press conference tomorrow (8/15) to talk about Sid. Hopefully it’s good news, but we’ll keep you updated either way.

– Krista

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