Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | August 15, 2011

In memoriam

The hockey world’s been rocked again. Just when we thought we were beginning to heal from the sudden loss of Derek Boogaard, we got word that Rick Rypien, the former Vancouver Canuck who’d just signed a one-year contract with the Winnipeg Jets, had died in his home in Alberta. He was only 27.

Details are sketchy and no one will confirm or deny reports that have surfaced as to specific circumstances, but whatever has happened, this is just awful. It was three months ago that Derek Boogaard passed, and surely Canucks fans can’t help but feel doubly sad because they still deeply feel the loss of Luc Bourdon. As guest blogger Anna said to me on Twitter, “I don’t want anyone else to die. These guys are only a few years older than me. I’m scared for them all now.

These guys are like real-life superheroes to us, using their talents to do things on the ice that we mortals could never dream of doing. But we tend to forget that they, too, are mortal. It’s jarring to hear this kind of news.

Emma and I extend our condolences to Rick’s family, friends and former teammates. We can only hope that Rick is now at peace.

Forever a Canuck.

– Krista

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