Posted by: emmaharger | August 25, 2011

The goldmine of search terms

Phew. After that emotionally taxing post from earlier, I think we could do with a little humor.

So AiP has been around for about three months, but there is a lot of nifty stuff under the hood at WordPress and we’re still learning. I thought the top searches shown on the dashboard were the only way to see what people search for to find your blog.

Oh, it is not.

I just found the absolute goldmine of search terms and I now present “some of the things people searched for this past week.” Now let me preface this by saying the vast majority of search terms are just guys’ names. Alexander Semin was the most searched-for at 16 views. Most of the terms are Men of the Day honorees. But then you see these and they just stick out to you!

only pretty boys wear glasses: I’ve always heard and said it as “I only make passes at boys who wear glasses,” but I’ll accept this edition as well. And by gum, it’s true:

gold haired islander fan: Did you know that if  you Google this, the Wikipedia page for Roberto Luongo is the fifth result? Vicky has told me some stories about this gold-haired fan fellow and when she saw this was one of the search terms, she literally responded “OH GOD NO!” So that’s not good.

canucks entire roster: Speaking of Roberto Luongo. The Canucks’ entire roster can be found here or here.

tyler seguin cigar: He indulged in one after the Stanley Cup win, as did a few of his teammates.

Here you see it tucked under his cap as he hugs Gregory Campbell very closely.

Here is another instance from when he was partying it up in Toronto.

blackhawks tattoo: Do you mean a guy on the Blackhawks who has a tattoo or a Blackhawks tattoo? I found some Blackhawks tattoos by searching Google Images.

patrick kane pass: Now I imagine a hall pass with Kane on it.

I used Comic Sans MS in making this. Oh God.

expensive gold watch: I have a feeling the person who searched for this wanted a site where they could buy themselves an expensive gold watch, not a post in which I discuss Patrice Bergeron getting a gold watch. Heh, sorry about that.

patrice bergeron sober: What? Uh, I don’t know of any documented times in which he was not sober…

will jordan staal be healthy for 2011-12 season: I hope so! Poor Gronk got a lot of injuries this past season.

mr handsome blackhawks: If you ask Krista, she’ll tell you it’s the guy in the hall pass. I agree, but let’s also add Patrick Sharp to the equation.

Me gusta.

weird facts on niklas hjalmarsson: He’s afraid of spiders. (I don’t know if this is true or not.)

nice jerseys: Thanks!

brent burns brampton battalion: Ooooh, alliterative.

sydney grosby: I imagine a bizarro-world version of Sidney Crosby named Sydney Grosby. He has a handlebar mustache and twirls it a lot.

vegan pie in the sky boston creme cake pie: Um, what? Why am I suddenly thinking of the Reading Rainbow theme song? I have a feeling this searcher didn’t get what they wanted here either…

michael grabner and son: Like I need an excuse to post Michael and Aidan?

thrashers fans: Yep, we exist.

rookie from nhl was set to be drafted but was picked up on dui charges: Uh, okay, sure. I don’t know to whom this refers.

I also noticed people used a lot of different iterations in the hopes of finding information about Patrice Bergeron, mostly in relation to his girlfriend Stephanie Bertrand. In fact, 16 different views came from it:

patrice bergeron and stephanie bertrand: 5
patrice bergeron sober: 1
patrice bergeron: 2
patrice bergeron girlfriend stephanie: 1
patrice bergeron girlfriend stephanie bertrand: 1
patrice bergeron cleary: 1
patrice bergeron olympics: 1
patrice bergeron world junior: 1
patrice bergeron girlfriend: 1
stephanie bertrand patrice bergeron: 2

Everybody loves Patrice.

Reading the search terms always makes me feel happy and a little curious. I do hope the searchers found what they were looking for–or if they didn’t, that they did somewhere else they found from here. Happy reading!


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