Posted by: kristagolden | August 31, 2011

The unkindest hit of all

Just when we thought it was bad enough not knowing about Sidney Crosby’s health, the Boston Globe reports on one sure prognosis: the Bruins’ Marc Savard won’t be back to play this season. In fact, he may never play hockey again, period.

GM Peter Chiarelli told The Bruins Blog that even though Savy hasn’t been had a checkup recently, he’s still experiencing symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. He could play eventually if he has no problems, but things don’t look good for him.

Savy took a nasty hit from Matt Cooke back in March 2010 and was only able to return for the postseason. Ten months later, a hit from Colorado’s Matt Hunwick shut him down for the 2010-11 season. He didn’t get to play in the epic postseason the Bruins had, not even traveling with them to Vancouver, but he did join them for the duck boat parade in Boston and had his Cup Day on August 1. But even then, he admitted that he still wasn’t well.

Even though he didn’t play the required 41 games, the Bruins are going to petition the league to have his name included on the Stanley Cup. It’ll be little consolation to Savy, who never got his chance to fight alongside his teammates for the Cup he hoisted in Peterborough. It’ll be a terrible loss if he has to leave the sport he loves, but he’ll be another example of the hard hits these guys take and the consequences they face.

– Krista

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