Posted by: emmaharger | September 1, 2011

Dig out your cash: NHL Center Ice is now available!

Great news for folks like me who are following out-of-market teams: as of today, NHL Center Ice is available to purchase from your favorite cable or satellite provider. We have DirecTV, so I know the most about their ordering service. It’s $171.80 with the early bird special if you wish to just pay for it all at once or $42 spread out over four months. I spoke to a representative and she said the service doesn’t start until the season starts, so if you order it today and then expect to be able to watch right now, that’s not going to happen. (Especially considering the channels used for NHL Center Ice appear to be in service right now for MLB Extra Innings.) But at least you can order it now and save a little money with the early bird special! Your price may vary depending on your provider, so check with them. DirecTV also puts up a schedule of games available on NHL Center Ice, along with the ones available in HD, but right now they still have the 2010-11 schedule, not 2011-12. One nifty feature of the service is that some games have two different feeds available so you can enjoy either the one team’s announcers or the other and see their various partisan touches and all of that. I’ll keep my ear to the ground on the schedule release so I can start planning that out too.

Oh, TV. You're going to be my best friend this season. (Our TVs do not look like this. The HDTV is smaller and my SDTV is much smaller still!)


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