Posted by: kristagolden | September 7, 2011

Sidney speaks!

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for – the day Sidney Crosby breaks his silence about his health and how he’s been training over the summer. We’ve heard from so many others that he’d be back for training camp, or that he was so bad that he’d miss the beginning of the season. Rumors and speculation have been running rampant, and we had yet to hear from him. Now, today, he spoke to the media.

Flanked by his doctors from UPMC and Penguins GM Ray Shero, Sid said “Mentally, I feel the best I’ve felt.” He did admit to being frustrated with not being able to do those little things that we take for granted, things that we never give a second thought. But even after overexerting himself with his conditioning and training in July, he’s doing much better.

What is your face.

His doctors put things very bluntly by stating that there’s not timetable for Sid’s return. The two concussions he suffered in four days’ time (I have a beef with sports media who say it was only one that did him in) severely affected the part of his brain that lets you stand up and keep your balance. He’s at 90% recovery, but that could be set back if he comes back too soon. His biggest hurdle is contact – taking hits on the ice. He first needs to be symptom-free, then be cleared for moderate and full contact. Only after he’s finally cleared to play can he come back.

However, everyone is in agreement that Sid will definitely play this season, and he’ll be back to his old self when he returns. When asked if he thought about retirement from the game, Sid glared at the press before him and said “I wouldn’t bet on that.”

One thing that’s come of this is that Sid is definitely in favor of eliminating head shots. He’s not the only one – Shero and Pens owner Mario Lemieux were trying to get them eliminated last year. Said Sidney: “To take those out, the game’s not going to change. As professionals, the odd time maybe there’s accidental contact, but, for the most part, you can control what’s going on out there.”

After what’s happened to him, Marc Savard and Max Pacioretty, I agree with him 100 percent.

– Krista

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