Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | September 9, 2011

Why Andrew Ladd has been permanently banned from my fantasy hockey team

It started with this text from Emma today:

“Ladd’s f*cking dead to me, man. He’s quoted as saying when they played ATL home games, they wished they were on the road.”

I wasn’t home or with internet access at the time, but when I came home I checked to see just what he said to Arthur Staple, which was this:

To be honest, when we played home games (in ATL), we kind of wished we were on the road playing in front of a packed house somewhere else. It was tough. But now we know we’ll have full houses every night.

What. A jackass.

First off, comparing the capacity of Philips Arena to that of MTS Centre is like comparing apples to oranges. For the record, Mr. Ladd, a full house at your new home base is 15,015; the average attendance for the Atlanta Thrashers’ last season was 13,469 in an arena whose full house is 17,624. By your new home’s standards, you were actually playing to a nearly sold out crowd. And by the way, don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re going to have sold out seats for every home game. United Center sells out a lot – at one point I believe they sold out 90 times in a row -but even that place doesn’t sell out all the time. There will be a “honeymoon phase” where you’ll see a lot of sellouts, but trust me, they’ll taper off when the newness goes away.

What hurts the most is that this was the captain of the Thrashers, the leader of the team and the de facto leader of Blueland. We looked to him for encouragement and cheered on him and the rest of the team. For this guy to pretty much disrespect the fans like that…

You’re probably asking “How did he do that?” Well, he’s implying that there weren’t enough fans to make the team feel like they were supported at home. I didn’t realize that a team’s morale and self-worth were based entirely on how many fans they have. Guess we should also base the salary cap and playoffs on that as well, yeah?

I may still not be on good terms with Jonathan Toews, but I think if he were traded, he would have nothing but good things to say about his former home. I know I speak for Emma when I say I’m done with Laddy Boy.

(As you can see by the title, I dumped him as one of my left wingers in favor of Ryane Clowe. Anyone want him?)

– Krista


  1. I would like to state for the record that Andrew Ladd is not allowed on any future fantasy hockey teams I may or may not have. Jagr’s going to have a better reception from me than this jerk.

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