Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | September 13, 2011

Man of the Day 9/13: Max Pacioretty

Max Pacioretty

Born November 20, 1988 (age 22) in New Caanan, Connecticut, USA

Left winger for the Montreal Canadiens

Max has been in the news a lot this year, so let’s learn more about him. He started off in high school playing for New Canaan High before moving on to The Taft School in Watertown after his freshman year. From there he went to the University of Michigan, which I won’t hold against him. He played there for a year before signing a three-year contract in 2008 with the Montreal Canadiens, who had picked him in the 2007 draft. He scored his first NHL goal on his very first night with the Habs in January 2009, and he’s the first player in the history of the franchise to wear #67.

I'll overlook the jersey and just concentrate on what's behind the cage mask.

A lot has been said about the whole incident involving Zdeno Chara and the terrible hit Max took on March 8. I won’t go over the gruesome details, but I will say that it was awful. Max has steadily been getting better, the first sign of which was that he signed a two-year extension. The second sign was that he participated in a full 60-minute charity game in Connecticut in July, the first time he’d been on the ice since the hit. The fact that he’s publicly stated that he’s put the whole thing behind him and wants to move on should show Habs fans that if he can get through this and rise above the nonsense – and having the police investigate the hit is 100% nonsense – then they should as well. Let’s all concentrate on seeing him back in action.

We'll be more than thrilled to see him back on the ice next month!

– Krista

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