Posted by: kristagolden | September 18, 2011

In which I shamelessly gush about Blackhawks training camp

Yesterday I had no internet access, and because of that I missed the livestream of the first full day of Blackhawks training camp – two practices and two scrimmages. Coach Q was even supposed to be mic’d up for the first practice! From what I’ve been told, I missed Dan Carcillo singing and dancing (say what now?) and the Toews brothers on the ice together. But thankfully, there was one thing I’d missed live that I got to see later.

Patrick Kane’s been cleared to play, but the coaches and trainers are holding him back for now as a precaution. That means he’s doing drills in practice but no contact just yet, so no scrimmages. So it was a surprise that after the last scrimmage, they called out another player to make a shootout goal – it wasn’t needed, but who cares.

If you ask Kaner, he’s ready to play NOW. It’s only a matter of a little while before they unleash the beast. After that, watch out.

EDIT: I must be psychic, because after I posted this I found out that Kaner played in his first scrimmage, racking up 2 goals and two assists. Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back.

– Krista

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