Posted by: kristagolden | September 20, 2011

Oh brother, where art thou? On the ice!

If you recall, I talked about David Toews being acquired by the Blackhawks. He’s in training camp now, and from what I hear he’s doing pretty well against the rest of the guys – maybe better than big brother Jonathan. That being said, tonight’s preseason game against the Edmonton Oilers will feature both brothers in action, but not on the same line.

I mentioned this because it’s been pointed out that some of tonight’s games will feature not one but FIVE sets of brothers either on the same team or against each other. To make matters even more complicated, this whole scenario is only taking place within three games.

First, Luke Schenn (today’s MotD)  and Phil Kessel will face their brothers Brayden and  Blake when the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Philadelphia Flyers. Second is the Blackhawks-Oilers game in Saskatoon featuring the Toews boys. Now, hang on to your hat, here’s the really weird one…

The Columbus Blue Jackets are playing the Winnipeg Jets in the Land That Fun Forgot (there’s actually a split-squad game, with the other half playing here in Ohio. I can feel the dementor-like atmosphere from here). In that game, the Russell twins, Kris and Ryan, will face Zach Bogosian and the Jets. Zach in turn will face his brother Aaron, who is a forward for the Blue Jackets.

Your head’s spinning. Sorry about that.

Now take a deep breath and try not to think about what would happen if Eric and Jared Staal both played for Carolina and faced the Penguins and brother Jordan (or the Rangers and Marc)…

– Krista


  1. Jared is so far down on the list right now my heads hurting just trying to imagine him playing with the Hurricanes 😀

    But seriously, I never realized that Zach Bogosian had a brother (how’d that slip by me?!)

  2. I literally had no idea “Brogosian” had a legitimate bro either! Krista told me over text today and I was like “…this is new to me…” Aaron is mentioned as still playing for his university on Zach’s wiki page. Might be time to go in and do some editing, huh?


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