Posted by: kristagolden | September 22, 2011

Baby, you’ll always be a Star

Mike Modano announced on Facebook yesterday that he was retiring after 0ver 20 seasons in the NHL. Although he spent 99.99% of his career with the Minnesota North Stars/Dallas Stars franchise, he did decide to play for the Detroit Red Wings last season. So in a very nice gesture, Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk announced that they would sign him to a one-day $999,999 contract (in honor of his jersey number) before he officially retired. He won’t collect a dime, of course, because he’ll turn in his paperwork on Friday.

Michael Thomas Modano Jr., we salute you.

I think this is a sweet thing to do. No doubt Mike didn’t want to be known as a franchise guy who retired outside of the franchise, and Nieuwendyk knew he could help him with that. Mike can say that except for that one year, he was a Star.

I’d forgotten that years ago, Mike was part of the buildup that introduced Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig to the WWE (then the WWF). His role: shoot pucks at the goalie, supposedly Hennig, who in turn deflected every puck shot at him. I think we can all see that this is some hideous goaltending and that Hennig wasn’t in net till the very end. But look at how young Mike was. Ah, the good old days.

– Krista

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