Posted by: kristagolden | September 22, 2011

The bromance that almost ended…not really

Here at Adventures in Pucking, we love our bromances. There’s Briere/Giroux, Lemieux/Crosby, Lucic/Horton and others that escape me right now. My personal favorites are from the Blackhawks, of course – Seabrook/Keith, Sharp/Burish (I really miss that one), and the big one, Kane/Toews (Jonathan, not David).

Well, thanks to Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago, Blackhawks fans were in tears for a bit yesterday. It all started with this tweet:

That started speculation. What happened? Why were they being separated? Will they still be road roommies? Then he sent these two tweets:

They hate each other? Why? Sure, Toews told the story about Kaner getting angry after assisting on a goal, and yeah, Kaner may have said that Toews is a terrible roommate, but that was just some chirping…right?

Seeing how fans panicked, he sent one last tweet about it:

Phew, crisis averted! The bromance is still alive and well!

– Krista

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