Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | October 1, 2011

Man of the Day 10/1: Maxim Lapierre

Maxim Lapierre

Born March 29, 1985 (age 26) in Saint-Léonard, Quebec, Canada

Center for the Vancouver Canucks

Lapierre is a tall drink of water, as some of us say down here in the South to refer to very good-looking gentlemen. But of course there is much, much more to him than just the face! He started out playing hockey relatively late by comparison–at age 9–debuting with the QMJHL’s Montreal Rocket for 2001-02. His full rookie year was a fruitful one, producing 43 points in 72 games and 4 more in playoffs. The fruits of his labor bore rewards when, after his rookie year, he was selected 61st overall in 2003 by Montreal but returned to his junior club–which had relocated to Charlottetown and become the PEI Rocket.

Staying there for two more years, he was signed to entry-level with the Habs in 2005. He spent time with the Hamilton Bulldogs and was called up for a five-day stint in November 2005. He got a few more call-ups the next season, including his first goal, which was against Tampa Bay. (His first assist, though, was against Boston. Hmm.) The Bulldogs defeated the Hershey Bears for the Calder Cup in 2007 and Lapierre was there for it. Though he tried to earn a spot on the Habs’ roster for 2007-08, he started out in Hamilton but was recalled and placed on the third or fourth line. 2008 was pretty good for him: he got a Habs roster spot out of the gate, plus a Gordie Howe hat trick and a normal hat trick in the same month–December. He’d also been playing for most of 2008-09 with an ankle injury. 2009-10 saw his production starting to dip, which was probably a harbinger of the future…

But wow, he looks great in greyscale.

 Midway through 2010-11, Lapierre was traded to Anaheim for Brett Festerling and a 2012 fifth round draft pick. During his short time as a Duck, he recorded three assists and played 21 games, but he was traded yet again before the February 28 trade deadline. This time: Vancouver, for Joel Perreault and a 2012 third round draft pick. This trade, though, came upon the recommendation of Alain Vigneault, who remembered Lapierre from coaching him in junior. Vigneault also asked him to tone down the trash talk and unnecessary hits. Because of Manny Malhotra’s injury, he went on Vancouver’s third line and of course that team went all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. (Perhaps he couldn’t help himself with a little taunting during one of the games…) After the season, he signed with Vancouver for two more years. This year, he played with three teams so I will split up his stats by team. Canadiens: 38 games, 5 goals, 3 assists, 63 penalty minutes. Ducks: 21 games, 0 goals, 3 assists, 9 penalty minutes. Canucks: 19 games, 1 goal, 0 assists, 8 penalty minutes (regular); 25 games, 3 goals, 2 assists, 66 playoff minutes (playoffs). Looks like Vancouver is pretty happy to have Lappy in their lineup.

With a body like that, I think we can all appreciate him in a way.


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