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Bruins game 1 wrap-up

Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins

October 6, 2011

2-1, Flyers

Goals: Brad Marchand (Boston), Claude Giroux (Philadelphia), Jakub Voracek (Philadelphia)

Goalies: Ilya Bryzgalov (.957%), Tim Thomas (.931%)

The Good:

Joe Corvo: the Bruin you'd want to send on a beer run.

During pregame skate, Joe Corvo checked the boards in front of some guys who had placed their beers on the ledge. The beers spilled. Corvo decided to make it right, so he gave the guys $25 through a trainer and made absolutely sure, before the game started, that the men had received the $25 for new beers. That’s hospitality!

Believe it!

Brad Marchand‘s sweet goal, assisted by his bromance buddy Tyler Seguin (and good guy Corvo). He scored the last goal of the 2010-11 season and the first one of the 2011-12 season. Plus, he scored on the power play, a type of goal that was somewhat elusive during the Bruins’ Cup run.

Group photo!

The entirety of the banner-raise ceremony, but especially the inclusion of the 1972 Bruins (Bobby Orr! We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!) and Mark Recchi. You could tell that Patrice Bergeron was getting a little choked up at having his father figure come back one more time, then the honor of helping raise the banner next to him.

Looks like there are some new things on Ferry's sweater.

The A situation has been resolved! Chris Kelly and Andrew Ference will share second-A duties alongside Bergeron. Tonight, Ference wore the A–an outcome I considered a while ago–and he looked great!

The Bad:

The two Flyers goals came less than a minute apart, but that’s not just Tim Thomas‘ fault; the defense was looking kinda sloppy around the crease at the time and the Flyers’ strategy of trying to create tons of traffic around the blue paint worked.

Nathan Horton was totally robbed. One of his shots at the end of the third period was so perfect, and with a different goalie (did someone say Bobrovsky?) it probably would’ve gone in, but Bryzgalov kept it out and caused groans of disbelief among Bruins fans the world over.

Also, the Versus announcers are totally obsessed with Jaromir Jagr. Over and over again we were reminded of who he is and how he’d returned to the NHL, just in case we’d spent the summer under a rock. He did score his 1600th point tonight, which is impressive and deserved notation. But dang, he is not the be-all-end-all of Philly! Max Talbot, on the other hand, barely went mentioned.

Zdeno Chara doesn't enjoy this obsession.

The Ugly:

Certain Flyers fans complaining about the length of the banner raise ceremony. Look, if they had won the Cup, I would’ve respected the Flyers’ banner raise ceremony no matter how long it took, whether it was five minutes or five hours. The banner raise ceremony is for the fans. The fans want to see things like team alumni, important players being honored for their contributions, a presentation of the Cup and then the banner itself being raised. Ours wasn’t all that long–20 minutes or so when there’s usually 20 minutes of pregame chat before any telecast. (Have you ever seen a game’s telecast begin exactly at 7 pm?) They could’ve just considered it a long bathroom/snack break instead of whining about the length. One even went the wholly, completely original route of insulting the vintage jacket Andrew Ference got off eBay and the team awarded to standout players. Sure, it may be gauche design-wise, but that’s not what matters, and they failed to understand that.

This moment matters.

So does this one.

 Next game:

vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

October 8, 2011

NHL Network

The gamer for that game may be a bit later. I have a birthday party that night but I will record the game and watch it after I get home, then do my gamer!


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