Posted by: kristagolden | October 14, 2011

Blackhawks-Jets wrap-up

Winnipeg Jets at Chicago Blackhawks

4-3, Blackhawks

Goals: Jim Slater – 2 (Winnipeg), Andrew Brunette (Chicago), Patrick Kane (Chicago), Marian Hossa (Chicago), Dave Bolland (Chicago), Kyle Wellwood (Winnipeg)

Goalies: Ray Emery (.900), Ondrej Pavelec (.875)

The Good:

Schadenfreude tastes like the Buy One Get One Free Qdoba burritos fans got as a reward for the Hawks’ win. It made me extremely happy to see the Jets fail, especially Andrew “Captain Jerkface” Ladd. Was the 21,000+ crowd big enough for ya, Laddy Boy? By the way, they liked Dustin Byfuglien better than you.

Happy boys! (and happy Krista squealing at home)

That’s my baby, Patrick Kane, after he sank the most gorgeous slap shot over Ondrej Pavelec’s shoulder. Marian Hossa got an assist, as did Daniel Carcillo – his first point as a Blackhawk! And not only did Kaner get that goal, he also racked up two assists and a 71% faceoff win percentage, earning him first star of the game! He seems to be getting more comfortable at center, so maybe they’ll keep him there for a while.

I was surprised that Carbomb was able to keep the fisticuffs out of the game, just getting a ton of hits and chirping whomever, whenever (mostly Mark Stuart). At the end of the game, Kaner asked the crowd if they liked having Carbomb on the team; the answer was a resounding roar, meaning yes.

He's trying to behave, really he is.

Our power play game was MUCH better tonight, and it showed when Andrew Brunette scored the first Hawks goal of the night on a power play after Tobias Enstrom tripped Kaner and was sent to the sin bin. That’s Bruno’s second goal in as many games, and he seems very comfortable with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp.

I can’t write about this game and not mention Ondrej’s performance. That save percentage doesn’t tell you about the beautiful saves he made, especially one from Kaner that just broke my heart. I’ve seen him in exactly two games now this season, and I can say without a doubt that he’s too good for this team. He needs to get out of there and find a team that will truly appreciate him.

The Bad:

Rough start for RayRay, but the night got a lot better.

We were sloppy for the first half of the first period, which is how Jim Slater was able to score twice. Ray Emery didn’t seem to be on his game, and I started grumbling about putting Corey Crawford in net for it. But after Joel Quennville gave the boys a good lecture at the bench, things turned their way.

The Ugly:

The only ugly thing in this game was my language, to be honest. We want to keep this blog respectable, so I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

Wait, I take that back. The ugliest thing was when Kyle Wellwood came out of the sin bin, started on the breakaway and promptly tripped over the blue line. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.

Next Game:

vs. Boston Bruins

October 15, 2011

NHL Network

As Emma said, we’re gonna stay cordial for this one. May the best team win.

– Krista

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