Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | October 16, 2011

Blackhawks-Bruins wrapup

Boston Bruins at Chicago Blackhawks

3-2 Bruins, shootout

Goals: Bryan Bickell (Chicago), Chris Kelly (Boston), Patrick Kane (Chicago), Nathan Horton (Boston), Tyler Seguin (Boston, shootout)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (.931%), Corey Crawford (.946%)

The Good:

For the Blackhawks, it was another good night for Patrick Kane, who scored another wicked sniper goal and is proving that the “experiment” Stan Bowman concocted over the summer is yielding some pretty sweet results. Brian Bickell also had a gorgeous breakaway goal, and Corey Crawford was nearly impenetrable in net. And we saw the return of both Viktor Stalberg and John Scott. Stally’s return was well-timed, as you’ll see below.

For the Bruins, this was a better start! Milan Lucic quite nearly scored pretty much as soon as the game started. We also finally got our first fight of the season: a tussle of Gregory Campbell vs. Jamal Mayers. Apparently they exchanged some pleasantries in the faceoff circle and just went for it. (I’m surprised Daniel Carcillo didn’t try to dance with anyone.)

Like a pair of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots.

The Bad:

Marian Hossa was out with an upper-body injury, which put Stally on the line with Kaner and Dan Carcillo. I’d heard whispers of him being “questionable” earlier in the day, and that’s usually not a good sign. Our power play kinda broke down last night for some reason, and I’m still wondering what happened to Duncan Keith and Jonathan Toews – this was the worst I’d seen them play in four games and preseason. And poor Kaner only got that one goal snuck past Tim Thomas out of five SOG, one of which was his failed shootout attempt. You can’t say he didn’t try.

But it doesn't help when the other guys are snickering at you.

 (Er, hey, Krista, maybe your power play broke down because it was being exposed to ours? We still didn’t produce much on the power play and the jokes among Bruins fans of power plays being a good time to go to the bathroom continue. I apologize for having infected your team with our fail-y PP.)

The Ugly:

It was a sloppy game on our part – I was shocked at how badly we scrambled at the net. Nathan Horton’s goal came as a result of Toews fumbling and a severe miscommunication between Duncs and Nick Leddy. Four days between games really dulled the guys’ strategy, and we can’t afford to play like that against teams like the Avalanche or the Canucks.

Next Games:

Next up for the Blackhawks is the first of a two-game road trip against the Coyotes on Tuesday, October 18 on WGN/Fox Sports Arizona/Center Ice. Maybe this will prepare them for the Avs on Thursday, because they way that team’s been playing scares me.

Next up for the Bruins is the beginning of a home stretch that could help increase their confidence even more: vs. Carolina Hurricanes, Tuesday October 18, NESN/Center Ice.

-Krista and Emma

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