Posted by: kristagolden | October 20, 2011

Blackhawks game 5 wrap-up

Chicago Blackhawks at Phoenix Coyotes

October 18, 2011

5-2, Blackhawks

Goals: Marian Hossa (Chicago), Taylor Pyatt (Phoenix), Jonathan Toews (Chicago), Ray Whitney (Phoenix), Jamal Mayers (Chicago), David Bolland (Chicago), Brian Bickell (Chicago)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (.875), Jason LaBarbera (.857)

The Good:

This was a good bounceback from Saturday’s game against the Bruins. After a wobbly start to the first period, the boys caught fire, beginning with Marian Hossa’s slap shot and Jonathan Toews scoring his second goal in six games. After that, it was all downhill from there.

I’m glad Hoss is back – I liked Viktor Stalberg being on the line with Patrick Kane and Daniel Carcillo the other night, but it was a little weak, to be honest. I think Hoss compliments that line nicely; given time, it could be as strong as the old Kane-Toews-Sharp line they use for power plays. Of course, it all depends on how Kaner holds up at center, but I think we can stop calling that an experiment now.

He'll drink your milkshake, steal your girlfriend and still have time for a pregame nap.

Can I give a standing O to Corey Crawford? That save percentage is low only because we held the Yotes to 16 SOG compared to our 35. I have to give a stick-tap to Jason LaBarbera as well, because that guy has giant shoes to fill since Ilya Bryzgalov left for Philadelphia. Corey reminds me of Ondrej Pavelec in that he’s lightning-quick in net and can sense those shots a split second before they happen. The boy has ninja moves and is not fooled by your fake Jedi mind tricks.

Hey Duncs! Nice assist, would you please repeat that performance?

Duncan Keith must’ve heard me ranting about his poor performance before this game, so he stepped up, earning two assists and two SOG for a plus-3 on the night. Now, if only he’d stop trying to make those incessantly long SOG (I’ve never seen him actually sink one)…

The Bad:

I still don’t understand why we get off to a sputtering start. I can understand it being the beginning of the season, but let’s shake this off before it’s too late in the hunt to correct it. And our power play still needs some work – it feels like these PP goals are just random acts of scoring. We also need to make the defense more even-handed so that both guys are strong when they’re needed.

Coach is yelling, Sharpie and Hoss are stunned, and the Mouthguard Twins are...I don't know.

The Ugly:

That last goal attempt, what even. Jason LaBarbera accidentally knocked the net off the moorings and stood there trying to flag down a referee to point out “Hey, the net’s moved, better stop playing now!” to no avail. That’s when Patrick Sharp took advantage of his inattention and sank the puck, but after a video review, the goal was reversed. Didn’t matter anyway.

Next Game

vs. Colorado Avalanche

October 20, 2011

CSN-Chicago/Center Ice

I’m glad we won tonight, because we need the momentum heading to Denver. The Avs are on fire; we need to rain on their party.

– Krista

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