Posted by: kristagolden | October 27, 2011

Not your ordinary assist

I know if I’d written a gamer for last night’s Blackhawks-Ducks matchup, it would’ve consisted of “Hawks finally win in a shootout!” and “OMG KANER OMGGGGG!!!”because after a three-game dry spell where he scored nary a point, Patrick Kane not only made two assists but broke the team’s losing streak in shootouts by sinking the game-winning goal against Jonas Hiller. But it wasn’t just that feat that earned him first star of the game and set the entire league talking, it was his first assist to Marian Hossa. I eluded to it in my MotD profile on Hoss, but here it is again.

That, folks, is called the Spin-o-rama, and although it wasn’t invented by Blackhawks legend and team ambassador Denis Savard, he put the move on the map. It’s one of those moves that you don’t use on a whim; you have to know when to execute it, and as you saw with Patrick, you need to know where your target is.

Here, let Savy show you how he did it back in the day:

Of course, Savy has nothing but praise for Patrick’s use of the move – in fact, he was at the game and left him a voice message on his phone. Actually, Savy was head coach of the Blackhawks when Patrick arrived in 2007, and he’s coached young Kaner on how and when to use it. No one better than the master to teach it to a padawan with such talent.

Patrick’s indicated that he’ll try to use it again when the time’s right. You never know, maybe he’ll make his signature move as well!

– Krista

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