Posted by: emmaharger | October 28, 2011

Bruins game 9 wrapup

Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins

2-1, Canadiens

Goals: Patrice Bergeron (Boston), Erik Cole (Montreal), Tomas Plekanec (Montreal)

Goalies: Carey Price (.967%), Tim Thomas (.943%)

The Good:

Boston’s only goal of the game is definitely one for the highlight reels, even if only because it is so peculiar. Towards the end of the first period, the teams set up for a faceoff, the puck is dropped, Patrice Bergeron slips and breaks his stick but still the puck manages to go in! I can’t figure out how to embed video from NHL on this blog, so watch the goal here. (Do note how a slight shift of Carey Price‘s right skate kind of helped the puck slide into the net.)

Hug time!

There was some very good zone clearing at times. David Krejci helped clear the zone so well that one person on Twitter joked he should be nominated for the Vezina.

Also at one point Tim Thomas cleared the zone by kicking the puck away with his foot.

 When the referees finally allowed Brad Marchand and PK Subban to fight, it was an enjoyable tussle. Subban almost lost when he lunged at Marchand and quite nearly hit the ice, though he steadied himself and wrassled, as we say in the South, with Marchand for almost two full minutes. In the end, no one hit the ice; the fight just kind of ended when the fighters got tired.

The guys just laughed about it after the game, too.

And finally, at least this game wasn’t the 9-8 goalfest and goalie carousel that was the Philadelphia/Winnipeg game, right?

The Bad:

Blah, those two Montreal goals. Look, every team in the NHL is out to get a W in their ledgers against the big bad defending Cup champions. Does the team not realize this yet or something? Yes, this was a low scoring game, and yes, it’s October, but we could’ve used those two points from a win so that we’re not scraping the absolute bottom of the Eastern Conference. However, I refuse to give up on these guys and have a feeling they might be saving their real firepower for Saturday night.

The Ugly:

I guess everything in the bad category could count here, but it was kind of weird how the refs didn’t want Marchand and Subban to drop the gloves at first. Plus, Gregory Campbell took a blade to his thigh area–it cut up his hockey socks–and limped off, but returned for the second period. Let’s try to not get injured, okay, guys?

Next Game:

at Montreal Canadiens

Saturday, October 29

NHL Network

Like I said, let’s see some of that Big Bad Bruins style of play in Montreal’s home barn, okay?


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