Posted by: emmaharger | October 30, 2011

Bruins game 10 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens

4-2, Canadiens

Goals: Brian Gionta (Montreal), Lars Eller (Montreal), David Desharnais (Montreal), Milan Lucic (Boston), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Tomas Plekanec (Montreal)

Goalies: Carey Price (.929%), Tuukka Rask (.885%)

The Good:

Tyler Seguin continues to argue against the idea of a sophomore slump, scoring Boston’s second goal of the night when everyone had pretty much assumed we’d go home with just one in our column.

He fits in everywhere.

 Milan Lucic scored as well, trying to shake off persistent criticisms of him as not being so productive even on the top line. Speaking of, Coach shifted the lines a little bit again mostly to deal with Benoit Pouliot’s sickness and to basically revert them, as much as possible, to how they looked in the playoffs. We’ll see how that pays off after a while.

At least there's a hug!

 Plus, Tuukka Rask did a pretty good job in net. His best act of the night, though, came when Max Pacioretty got the puck and raced to the Boston net on a breakaway. Without much in the way of defensive support since most Bruins were still far away, Tuukka decided to take matters into his own hands, skating far out of the blue paint and lunging at Pacioretty to stop him. It worked, “much to the indignation of the fans in Montreal” as NESN described it, and it was magnificent.

The Bad:

We were outshot for both the first and second period, 12-8. While we did reverse it dramatically and outshoot Montreal 12-3 in the third, that seemed like too little too late. We should’ve been playing like that all along.

I also saw a lot of problems with passing. Sometimes guys would pass, presuming that someone in white would be there to receive the puck, but instead they’d hit a throng of guys in red and then the Bruins would have to fight hard to take back what they’d had before.

Obviously, Montreal won, so that was bad.

The Ugly:

I continue to be baffled by how this team seems unable to play well in front of its very able backup. As we saw tonight, Tuukka is capable of making some pretty heartstopping saves. Many times my Twitter feed erupted in the appreciative cries of “Tuuk!” But he can only do so much when he’s basically being hung out to dry by his defense. Why is this happening? Does the team need to go on a bonding trip and learn some appreciation for their backup? If that’s what it takes, I’d say do it.

Also, Boston took three times as many penalties as Montreal. I was reminded of that nightmarish game against Carolina. Some of the penalties were so ridiculous that Claude Julien was shown angrily yelling at the zebras, but at one point Patrice Bergeron could be seen talking back to the officials, which is generally a sign that things are really bad. Refereeing problems seemed to be happening all over the league tonight. What’s happening there?

Next Game:

vs. Ottawa Senators

November 1

NESN/Center Ice

Here’s hoping a new month will be kinder to the Bruins than October has been. 3-7 is pretty upsetting to look at, you know…


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