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Blackhawks-Lightning wrapup

Chicago Blackhawks at Tampa Bay Lightning

November 4, 2011

5-4 Lightning (OT)

Goals: Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay), Patrick Sharp (Chicago), Brett Connolly (Tampa Bay), Daniel Carcillo (Chicago), Marian Hossa (Chicago), Patrick Sharp (Chicago), Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay) – 2, Vincent Lecavalier (Tampa Bay) – OT

Goalies: Ray Emery (.844), Dwayne Roloson (.875)

The Good

This is one of those rare times when I can write about a game sight unseen. But I just had to – this one was too good!

Dear Blackhawks dads: thanks for molding your sons into the men they are today. Sincerely, Krista.

This was the second game in two nights during what was a trip the team took with their fathers. The last time this happened was the inaugural trip in 2009, and the team went 0-1-1. At least they got three of four points this time.

Daniel Carcillo got his first goal of the season on a breakaway! It’s good to see guys other than the usual suspects scoring.

Patrick Kane had three assists for the night, strengthening his lead in points for the team and showing all the haters where they can go. One of the WGN announcers said that he makes taking control of the puck look very easy.

Don't worry, he'll get a hold of that puck soon enough. He always does.

The combo of Kaner and Marian Hossa is enfuego. This kind of on-ice chemistry was only seen between Kaner and Jonathan Toews in the past, so you know Kaner has that magic touch.  I’m serious when I say this center thing isn’t a passing fancy with him – I think it’s for keeps. I need to stop before I hyperventilate just thinking about how he’s doing at center.

Ray Emery was pretty awesome in net. From what I could understand, he’s weak on the rebound saves, so he needs to work on that.

Our power play didn’t suck that much because Patrick Sharp got a power play goal! I almost forgot what those are! I nearly puked rainbows all over my cat!

Seriously, I would've had to rename him Skittles. Thanks, Sharpie!

Yeah yeah, Steven Stamkos got a hat trick, whatever. The only good thing about that is that he’s on my fantasy team.

The Bad

Bad for the Bolts, that is – we scored three goals in a minute and a total of four goals in six minutes in the second period. Holy Tesla coils in the St. Pete Times Forum, that was quick!

I wasn't kidding, the Bolts have their own Tesla coils. Your argument is now invalid.

I’m disappointed that both Carcillo and Toews were shoved into the net at different times and didn’t draw an interference. I would’ve said the first time was bias against Carbomb, but after Toews got shoved, I don’t know.

What. Is. This.

Brett Connolly made a goal but jarred the net off its moorings while standing in the net area. You’d think that would be a bad goal, but nah. Good goal, because the net wasn’t completely off its moorings. Well then.

The Ugly

What was that defense around our net? Or should I say WHERE was that defense? Oy, I know you’re missing Duncan Keith (he was out with an injured left hand), but don’t mope during the game!

Next Game

vs. Vancouver Canucks

November 6, 2011

WGN (Chicago area only)/Center Ice

The Canucks are stinking like rotten fish, and Bobby Lu is so bad that he’s getting booed in his home arena. You know this game’s gonna be good. We hates Vancouver, Precious. We hates them bad.

– Krista

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