Posted by: emmaharger | November 6, 2011

Bruins game 12 wrapup

Glory be! Yesterday I wasn’t able to get on WordPress at all for some reason; it would just go into an endless loading loop when I attempted to log in, so Krista had to do a third Man of the Day in a row and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to post this gamer! But it all worked out in the end.

Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs

7-0, Bruins

Goals: Tyler Seguin (x3), Milan Lucic (x2), David Krejci, Gregory Campbell

Goalies: Tim Thomas (1.000%), Ben Scrivens (.643%), Jonas Gustavsson (.667%)

The Good:

Well, obviously, we won. In a shutout. Against one of the hottest teams in the NHL right now. Two more well-deserved points for Boston? Sure!

I think Tim Thomas' new Movember mask, which is thoroughly awesome, helped in a way.

 Not only did Tim Thomas earn his first shutout of the season (seriously! Movember mask!), but Tyler Seguin scored his first career hat trick while playing basically in his hometown. I think his family was there too. His goals were masterful–even and especially the one they briefly reviewed to make sure it was good, the second in the series. Check out all three:

His face when he realizes what he’s done is priceless, too.

Just too adorable for words.

 Although he did not score a goal of his own tonight, Patrice Bergeron had a very good night–he assisted on all three of Seguin’s goals and dug out the puck from the last one to give to him.

Plus he got interviewed by Naoko Funayama!

 It was also very good to see David Krejci score again. Between his goal and Milan Lucic‘s two, the top line is springing back to life again. With time, Nathan Horton will improve as well.

Also, Boston tended to get quick goalie twofers past both of Toronto’s goalies. There were two goals eight seconds apart, two goals 14 seconds apart and two goals 28 seconds apart.

We didn’t take too many penalties, although we did get one 10-minute misconduct and ejection (Gregory Campbell) right by the end of it after a little scuffle involving Dion Phaneuf hitting Chris Kelly in a way that his teammates took exception to.

The Bad:

There wasn’t much going badly on our side of things. We did struggle with rebounds a few times, but hey, scoring 7 goals, that’s not bad either.

The Ugly:

Again, this isn’t much on our side, but on Toronto’s–judging by his performance tonight, and the fact that I heard some booing even before he finished up his hatty, I have a feeling Seguin is going to become to Toronto what Zdeno Chara is to Montreal. Oh well.

Haters make you famous.

Next Game:

vs. New York Islanders

November 7

NESN/Center Ice

Oh great. I like both these teams. What am I going to do? I guess maybe just say “may the best team win” as I will when the Oilers come to town too.


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