Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | November 7, 2011

Blackhawks-Canucks game 1 wrapup

Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks

November 6, 2011

6-2, Canucks

Goals: David Booth (Vancouver), Michael Frolik (Chicago), Aaron Rome (Vancouver), Daniel Sedin (Vancouver), Marcus Kruger (Chicago), Jannik Hansen (Vancouver), Dan Hamhuis (Vancouver), Henrik Sedin (Vancouver)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (.842), Roberto Luongo (.950)

The Good:

The only good thing about this game was that Daniel Carcillo finally got to throw some punches, and it was against Aaron Volpatti. I squealed and scared the cat.

Carbomb go BOOM.

Okay, the goals Michael Frolik and Marcus Kruger scored were good. In fact, Frolik’s was described as something a child goalie would’ve stopped. Kinda speaks volumes about how Roberto Luongo’s doing so far this season, yeah?

Freddy and Frolly. Our only goals were from you two.

The Bad:

Where to start…oh yeah. WHAT ARE WE DOING GETTING SO MANY STUPID PENALTIES?! Patrick Kane got a roughing call? What alternate universe am I living in?

Carcillo got ejected from the game with a 10-minute misconduct penalty after Aaron Rome landed on him – he fought back while he was flat on his back on the ice. I guess it took this game for Carbomb to go boom in a big way.

This ain't Waffle House, and he ain't hash browns to be smothered and covered!

Where in the name of everything sacred and holy was our defense tonight? I mean really, they can’t be so codependent on Duncan Keith that they can’t function without him…right?

The Ugly:

That would be both the power play AND penalty kill – they both fell apart equally. Next time (which is next week), they need stay out of the penalty box because Canucks power play = they score goals. This needs to stop, like, yesterday.

This game just made me want to punt babies. I think I need to chug some brain bleach to erase it.

Looks like Kaner needs some as well. I have plenty for him and the whole team.

Next Game:

at St. Louis Blues

November 8, 2011

CSN-Chicago/Center Ice

I won’t be able to listen in to the whole thing because I have precinct judge duty for Election Day. But given the fact that the Blues just replaced their coach during tonight’s game, we should have no problem dealing with them…if we can get our act together.

– Krista

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