Posted by: emmaharger | November 8, 2011

Bruins game 13 wrapup

New York Islanders at Boston Bruins

6-2, Bruins

Goals: Benoit Pouliot (Boston), Matt Moulson (Islanders), Nathan Horton x2 (Boston), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Michael Grabner (Islanders), Milan Lucic (Boston), David Krejci (Boston)

Goalies: Tuukka Rask (.923%), Evgeni Nabokov (.750%), Al Montoya (.917%)

The Good:

Okay, this game was difficult for me because I like both teams. Vicky has taught me a genuine appreciation for the Islanders. My Bruins love edges it out, though, so I’m happy for this victory. We need those two points badly and we really, really needed to show Tuukka Rask that games can be won in front of him. Plus, it was road alternate captain Chris Kelly‘s 500th game!

What a start to the game! Benoit Pouliot opened up the scoring just one minute and 32 seconds into the game, scoring his first goal as a Bruin since his trade from Montreal. This was also his first game appearance since before the Habs home-and-home because Rich Peverley is having some sort of issue that wasn’t clearly defined and because Pouliot had been ill. Talk about a comeback!

Adam McQuaid also mixed it up with Matt Martin not long after that first goal. Though he left with a bloodied lip, he pretty much won that tussle.

The Bruins continue to make the minute after a goal is scored quite a vulnerable minute for the other team–because it’s likely that they will score again. The first period back-to-backs from Nathan Horton (on the power play, even) and Tyler Seguin, scored 29 seconds apart, chased Evgeni Nabokov from the net. (He was replaced by the much better Al Montoya, who did wonders for America at the Worlds and is generally just a talented guy.) In the third period, Milan Lucic and Horton scored goals 49 seconds apart.

Big things poppin'.

Although he didn’t pot his own goal to add to this tally, Patrice Bergeron kept his points streak strong, so that makes seven games. Plus, his Movember handlebars are looking slicker every day.

Before the end of the month, I'm definitely donating to this.

¬†Speaking of Bergy, did you know that Boston tops the entire league in terms of faceoff win percentage so far? That’s due in large part to sending him into the circle so often!

Better yet, though, was the fact that someone special predicted Lucic and Horton’s third-period goals.

Yes, that Marc Savard. He’s had Twitter for a while, but I only became aware of it today. After the game, he insisted he wasn’t psychic but just had a feeling. Of course he would–from time spent playing with these guys and getting to know their talents. Then he tweeted this:

I would like this a lot!

Finally, I sound like a broken record now but this guy right here:

Yeah, keep an eye on him. Just saying.

The Bad:

I’m really happy we won in front of Tuuk, I am, but both of those Islanders goals eluded him on the glove side. Tuukka, work harder on catching with the lobster claw!

Could Mike Milbury please shut up about how he feels mandatory visors would somehow magically stop all fighting in the NHL? They mandate visors in the AHL and there are fights galore over there. Heck, I’ve personally witnessed dustups in college hockey, where they have to wear the cageface masks. Visors are good for safety, end of story.

There was some fan dissent about whether or not it was right for David Krejci to have scored the empty-netter. Their reasoning: the top line was put out there purely so Horton could have the ENG and thereby score a hat trick, so Krejci was selfish in doing the scoring himself. But how can you know exactly why the first line was sent out unless you sent them out yourself? Maybe they were sent out because they’re showing a return to their old awesome goal-scoring selves. Besides, Horton will get his hat trick in due time and maybe even one where he has to elude a goaltender for all three of the goals.

The ENG that will live in infamy.

The Ugly:

I talk about visors because Daniel Paille took a puck right to the face in the third when attempting to block a shot. He’s reportedly broken his nose. He left the ice under his own power, but his helmet’s visor was spattered with blood and there was some on the ice too. Ouch. However, a broken nose, as bad as it is, is easier to deal with than injuries to the more delicate eyes. His visor may have helped him avoid blindness or loss of his eyes. That might not be worth it to Milbury, but I’m sure Paille likes that. Feel better soon, Pie-yay. Seek comfort in the company of other Bruins who have broken/large noses like Lucic and Bergeron!

Next Game:

vs. Edmonton Oilers

November 10

NESN/Center Ice

The youthful and surging darlings of the West come to Boston for a visit. I wonder how this will turn out…


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